Someone bought my Authentic Gucci and now tells me it's fake???

  1. Ok. Every single one of my bags are authentic, obviously. I sold my Gucci Black Boston Bag w/ Horsebit Detail on eBay a few eeks ago. I originally bought this bag STRAIGHT from Saks Fifth Avenue online in 2005. Now, the buyer tells me she took it to a Gucci boutique and they said it wasn't real. She also said she has the same exact bag in beige and there is suppossed to be Gucci written on hardware somewhere, the number aligning is off and stuff and the leather doesn't smell like "leather". I got this directly from Saks, took it to my Gucci right after buying it in 2005 and they said it was, I do not know what's going on here. Plus, while my bag was up during auction, there were other ones up, all of which looked very real, they all looked identical to mine. I have No Returns up, because, well..they are all real. She goes, " my worst nightmare is getting a fake off eBay". Well, my worst fear is crap like this happening to me...any advice, anything? I have pictures of the gucci I had up on the actuion, I don't know if I can post them here or would have to go to the Gucci thead to post them and then refer them back here to this story from which it's stemmed from.

    Thanks guys.

    I'm like, shaking right now, seriously. One, if I was duped by Saks which I don't even want to think of and my rep. is ruined from this and Two, my bag is FINE and wasn't duped by Saks and my own Gucci store in Manhasset, LI, NY and I'm in fact being duped by the buyer and on her end, etc. I want to cry.
  2. If you got it at Saks, they can pull your account info and show your purchases to prove you got it there. Show her that and she should take it at face value. I have never heard of Saks selling anything fake ever.
  3. sometimes they would try to swap bag and send you back a fake one. I hope this is not the case and you can resolve it. Good luck. One of the reason why I don't sell anything on ebay anymore.
  4. I smell a bait and switch.........

    You know what you know. Don't let her make you second guess yourself.
  5. The possibility of being given a fake because of someone else's switch just makes me realise that even going to the store you aren't 100% safe which is pretty poor if the SA's aren't checking.. :sad:

    I really hope this turns out the best for you.. sorry I cannot provide any advice.
  6. Is there anyway you can prove it by providing a receipt? Don't take it back.
  7. I don't believe for one second you got a fake from the Gucci counter at Saks...I would hold firm...fight to the bitter end for your reputation and don;t cave in to what smells like a possible scam! Good luck!
  8. You obviously have the pictures of the bag you sold, when you get the bag back please make sure its the same one, take pix of the one you get back if its notthe same and report it to ebay immediately. Has she filed a complaint or claim, or is wanting her money back once she returns the bag? whats her feedback like?
  9. Oh, I completely have my original receipt! I even gave her a COPY of my receipt with my credit card information/number blocked out! :yes:
  10. I agree. I hope this is not the case :s Good Luck!
  11. Well, in my Ebay policies I always state, There are no returns. So, I guess that IS smart. She hasn't filed anything yet, just wrote me what all is "wrong" with it. Her feedback....some is ok, one she has a big negative that she never paid for an item. Actually, I put up my now-closed auction in the Authenticate This Gucci thread, so you can see the pictures of my original authentic bag.

    This is actually what she has wrote was "wrong" with my bag....

    " Hi Gayle,
    The reason why I have not left you positive feedback yet is because I was doubting the authenticity of the bag. I have the exact same bag in beige and I took the one that you sold me to a Gucci store and was told that "gucci" is supposed to be printed on the hardware somewhere on the purse, as it is on my beige one. Also, the serial numbers are crooked, and are not the same type of numbering for the other guccis I referred to. I decided to send you this email first before I do anything. You have been very nice and I would like to know your feedback before I take this any farther. My biggest nightmare is to get a fake purse. For this boston bag.. the word "gucci" is supposed to be right where the zipper ends and on this bag it is much different. I thought it was weird at first that it didn't smell like leather either when my other one does?

    Please let me know what you think about all of this so I can decide what I need to do. "

    It's nice but..threatening to me a bit. This just smells SO wrong to me........
  12. Stand firmly on your ground. Do not take anything back and do no issue any refunds. This happened to me once on a Burberry item and I simply told the buyer...I have absolutely no intention of accepting a return or refunding your purchase...tell her if you did that would mean you were acknowledging selling fakes which you do not. Tell her to show you proof from Gucci or My Poupette of the item not being authentic. Do not back down...after I did this, I never heard from my buyer again...big surprise.
  13. Tell her to take it to either Gucci or Saks, and have her give you the name and number of the manager she spoke to. Tell her you will call them to prove she actually spoke to someone who said it was fake.

    I had something similar happen to me. It's a good thing I had a security tag on my item. I asked the buyer the name of a manger, not SA. They gave me some bogus name of a manager the boutique never heard of. I found out the buyer had bought the same item (fake) cheaper at the same time. I just know they were planning on bait and switch. Like I said, I am so glad I used security tags. I did end up taking back my item and ended up refunding less 25% restocking fee. The restocking fee covered all my ebay listing and relisting fees, paypal and shipping fees. If these scammers want to play games, then I have a right to charge them for my time.
  14. Exactly! I do have up there, NO Returns. And again, bought this straight from SAKS! It strange because every other bag like this that I saw when I had bought it in the Gucci store looked EXACTLY like mine....not the Beige one she describes?! Good idea kalodie1, I will tell her to prove it not real in those ways, as well as a Gucci or Gucci Saks manager's name/number (thanks HubbaWubba)

  15. What do you mean, you used Security Tags ?