someone bought my authentic burberry and now tell me it's fake

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  1. my brother helped me sell a burberry bag I bought in woodbury commons outlet. the bag was on sale for 79 when I bought it and the seller got it for 36 but now complains it's fake because something about the lining between vinyl not leather. I don't know much about burberry bags but I bought it myself. I was actually able to find the receipt too and asked her to call the store to verify. but this is dumb. can't believe all this hassle for a lousy 35 dollars. I even told her she can return it for a refund cause I am sick of dealing with it.the worst is I don't know where she's gettign her authentification tips from.. she said on a forum.... eBay forum????
  2. jeez... isnt that so annoying? u have the receipt, send her a copy and tell her to go away. this is the reason y i wont bother selling my bags on eBay.
  3. Burberry bags can be quite difficult to authenticate. And many of the older bags or bags made for import to duty free stores are very different from the "stock" Burberry bags at Burberry retail stores or the high end department stores.
    The bag may have been a Burberry bag sold to a Burberry retailer in a duty free store and not taken delivery on by that store. Thus the reason it ended up at an outlet.
    Don't fret about it. If it's for $36.00 tell the woman to just send the bag back and re-list. Buyers who are familiar with the different Burberry bags will know that the bag is authentic.
    Many buyers on eBay are ignorant of different handbag manufacturers and styles.
    Good luck and don't let an ignorant buyer ruin ebay for you!
  4. The buyer was probably wondering "if it's too good to be true, then it probably is" ... the reciept should hep her realize that she's one of the lucky ones who actually got a great bargain!

    if not.. I'll buy it :smile:
  5. I agree with ltwuelfing, everytime I get a bargain on ebay, everyone automatically thinks it's a fake lol :smile:
  6. Lord - this sounds familiar. GayleLV had the same problem with her Gucci, and I had the same problem with my Prada. I'm actually embroiled in a pretty nasty fight over it, because it's a higher $$ value, but I totally sympathize with you. If you don't mind it, just get the bag back & relist. I didn't have that option, b/c the buyer left neg. feedback and filed a dispute w/ PayPal BEFORE a return could be sent!! UGH!!!! :cursing:
  7. Geez. I am glad I don't have any handbags to sell right now. Good luck - I would just take it back and relist minus shipping
  8. Good luck. I hope it works out for you. This is one of my fears everytime I list a bag.
  9. Seriously!! Heck I'll even give you $40 sight unseen :p I'm a sucker for a bargin! Email your bidder and let them know that you have educated and informed buyers ready to buy your authentic item.
  10. I completely not take it back. Stand your ground and let the chips fall where they may. By taking it back you are encouraging the buyer who obviously is unfamiliar with the merchandise in question. Exact same thing happened to me with a Burberry wallet I sold on ebay. Buyer pulled the same stunt. I told her that I had absolutely no intention of refunding anything and by doing so I would on some level be admitting the item was fake. It was was purchased at Burberry in NYC. I told her to feel free to try and authenticate it and that I completely stand behind my merchandise. Guess what? She never contacted me again and did not leave a negative. Make sure not to leave any feedback for your buyer and if her stupidity ends with a negative strike for you, negative her back and post a response to your feedback. We can not, as legitimate sellers, let these types of buyers win...