Someone bought a black baby stam today...


Buy now, think later
May 25, 2006
OK fine, it was ME!!!!! :nuts:

I successfully sold my gold baby stam, and basically used the money from the sale to buy the black!!! I tried one on at Holt's on Friday and just fell in :heart: !!! I LOVED the gold that I sold, but couldn't justify so many metallic bags. The black is so versatile and classy - I love it!!! :love: So now I have another baby stam on its way to me...and I just KNOW this one will turn out better than the first...YAY!!!!!!! Can't wait to get it!!! :yahoo:
:yahoo: Congrats Sharbear!!! I can't wait until you get it! Please post pics of you wearing it...Am becoming interested in this bag...It's soooo stylish!! Happy for you!!! :heart: Emmy
Thanks everyone!!! I'm soooooooooo excited! I'm really hoping it gets to me in time for New Year's - fingers crossed!!! I'll post pics when I receive it!!!

Emmy - You should definitely go try the black baby stam on at a department store - you won't be able to put it down!!!!!