Someone bidding on my item

  1. I put up a wallet on eBay, and I got a bid. However, it is from someone who has a -1 feedback (that being the only feedback they have). They have been a registered user since August 2005. Should I block this person, or should I contact them to make sure they will pay? Their only feedback is because of a nonpayer.
  2. contact them to review auction terms. and give them a chance to explain the situation. Maybe this will shed light on the negative feedback.
  3. Contact them. Having one feedback doesn't always mean the person isn't serious buyer. They could possibly be one of those people who are scared to bid like myself.
  4. Yep give the buyer a chance to expain, and if he/she is sincere about paying and has a valid Paypal account with a confirmed address, there's no reason why you should deny yourself a sale :smile:
  5. They have one feedback and it's negative? I would cancel their bid and block them from bidding.
  6. I think I would contact her first. If she doesn't respond, then remove her bid and block her from future auctions.
  7. I agree with the majority, here. :yes: Contact him/her.

    This buyer may have had a bad experience with their first purchase and not paid because he or she realised, just in time, that the seller was selling fakes/a scammer, or whatever.

    If the buyer was a scammer, wouldn't they have just dumped the account and set up a new one?

    It's not as though they haven't had time - they've had 20 months! :lol:
  8. Yep, a polite contact and see what you feel then would be my advice too. BTW love the 20 months comment Chloehandbags!