Someone attempted to mug me tonight!

  1. First off, I'm okay :sweatdrop:

    I go to school at night downtown, which so happens to be a block from dangerous project housing. I left class and was walking to my car when some guy ran up and demanded my purse. He immediatly grabed a tassel on my Balenciaga Twiggy and broke it! Luckily I had the bag in the crook of my arm.

    By this time I realize what he did and I'm PISSED! He messed with the wrong girl! What he didn't know is I'm a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so I grabbed his elbow, twisted around, and threw the ******* over my shoulder. All the while yelling that he almost destroyed a Balenciaga!

    By the time I got him to the ground, I wrapped my legs over his body and proceeded to break his elbow. I could have killed him if I wanted to, but instead, I broke his arm for breaking my tassel! I was so over come with adrenaline, and on top of that I was more mad than scared. I left him laying and called the police. The police showed up in the matter of minutes and asked me questions. The officer told me I was lucky he didn't pull a gun or a knife on me. I have to go to court soon over this, the officer said he would contact me later in the week.

    I'm still in shock and it hasn't hit me yet. I imagine I'll wake up tonight and start crying. Atleast I'm okay, and I got that bastard!
  2. That's terrible! Good on you for giving that guy what he deserved. Glad to hear you and b-bag are doing okay. *hugs*
  3. Holy S*** girl!!! So glad you're OK. Boy did that prick mess with the wrong girl! Stay safe and take care of yourself tonight. I pray all goes well with the police and court appearances too.
  4. HOLY CRAP! I woulda handed my purse over to him and ran like hell..LOL..Glad you are OK.......You got guts to beat him up but MAN are you lucky he didnt have a knife or gun girl!
  5. How horrible. I'm glad you're ok.
  6. YOU.

    Best Balenciaga story EVER. Be proud of what you did (not freaking out over the tassle, but protecting yourself and your possessions).
    I have sincere admiration for you being able to protect yourself like that.
    Im soo glad your safe :smile:
    This story is actually really inspiring for me, Im always soo scared of these things happening to me. Ill be taking some self defense classes soon ;)
  8. OHMYGOSH!!! I am glad you are ok, and WOW! Good for you!!
  9. Take that azzhole... he messed with the wrong girl! :roflmfao:

    Glad you are safe!!!
  10. OH MY GOD!!! I was just so shocked while reading your horrible experience and I still am!:wtf:
    and Goodness! you are one tough lady!
    Hope you are going to be okay (emotionally)...
    coz it was a very bad experience, and I hope you could be with your loved ones for support.
    Take care! and keep us posted.:flowers:

    glad your bag is safe too!:smile:
  11. It's great that you are okay!!! My brother does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I went to a few of his practices, and it's some pretty impressive stuff!! One thing I did hear was try not to tell any authorities that you are trained in that, I forgot the reason, but I know you aren't supposed to. Just be persistant that you were in fear for your life and it was pure self defense. Anyway, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!
  12. Go girl! You should have broken his neck! Thank God you're safe. Take care!
  13. I am so happy you are safe and sound. It's a scary story and I am glad the bad guy had his *** kicked by a girl!
  14. OMG!!! Allison, you are amazing!!! I am so impressed! I'm thankful that you're alright. Good thing he didn't pull a weapon on you. That man is lucky he only broke a tassel, I think you would've hurt him worse if he really hurt your bag. (joking) I'm just glad you're ok. ((((hugs))))
  15. Oh my gosh!! :wtf: So glad you're okay!!

    Go girl!!! Glad you gave that creep exactly what he deserved!!! :ninja: