Someone asked me if my Coach purse was fake...

  1. I'm in college and a girl in my class randomly asked me if my Coach was a fake...

    I didn't really know how to react, I asked her to repeat her question and I answered, it's real.

    Then she asked me how you could tell if it was real or not. I didn't really want to get into it, but she showed me her's and told me it was fake.

    I took a good look at it and it definitely looked fake but I couldn't tell her how. And I told her about the Coach creed and stuff...oh and she showed me hers...

    I really didn't know why she was doing this to me...but I felt super uncomfortable.

    She was telling me that her friend buys lots of Coach and that her and her friend were going to go to a "Purse Party" and that she was excited about it.

    In the next class, she came with a huge fake Coach tote.

    This girl in class hardly ever talks to me, I've had her in other classes and I guess she's seen me go on tPF in class before. But do you think she felt she needed to tell me she had a fake?

    I dunno, I just had to tell you all of this crazy experience. I don't have other girlfriends to tell. LOL!
  2. Tacky.

    Just tell her you don't support illegal counterfeits :yes:
  3. I still have no idea why anyone would want to carry a fake Coach. Most people can save the money for a real Coach - even if it takes them a while. It's not like we are talking thousands of dollars. I will never understand it.
  4. It must be the insecurity of carrying a fake (why she would try so hard to get your attention:shrugs:)!
  5. wow dude... just be proud of your collection, and continue to gossip our way ;) you know we always have somethin good to say hehe....

    as for her purse parties and her fakes, i agree. let her know she's supporting child labor on some cases... eek.
  6. exactly! I've been asked a few times if my bags are fake.... it's offensive. As if!:yucky:
  7. Why would someone ask if it's a fake?! Just bad manners - I would've been stumped on what to say too. She was probably asking so many questions because she wanted to know if other people could tell that hers was fake!
  8. Ever since I joined this forum, I've wondered whether some of the bags I've seen ppl carry are fake (at least I do it more often now)..just because I'm more aware of fakes now. I'd never ask someone's...rude!
  9. I've never been asked if I was carrying a fake, but I was asked if I bought my bag at a purse party.:rolleyes:
  10. That is really tacky. How can these purse parties go on? Fake ones just look so cheap and hideous to me! I'd rather just buy a real brand in a store for what I can afford, I'm sure it would look nicer!
  11. Haha how funny, I guess that's their way of asking you if it's fake in a nice and indirect way...
  12. Yea, I don't understand it either. If they're getting a fake one are they still considered "label hungry"?? I dunno it just doesn't make sense to me.

    I mean she was talking about spending hundreds at these purse parties. Why???:confused1:
  13. That's probably true. It's not like I would've called her out or anything. That's her business, if you like like fakes, I'm not going to give you a hard time about it.

    It was just totally weird...
  14. Nah, I think it was just a honest (foot in the mouth) comment. She told me that is where she got her's [at a purse party]. When I told her "no" [not from a purse party] she actually asked me "well, where did you get it then?":shrugs: Some people...
  15. Last summer I was in a wine store and I had my patchwork tote with me. There was a woman there who had a fake version of the tote and she was standing next to me at the tasting counter. The man who was pouring the wine asked if we were together because we had the same bag. (MEN!) The woman looked embarrassed and started explaining that mine was real and hers was fake, but then went into a whole thing about how stupid it is to pay for a real one. I had no intention of saying anything about her bag but after that I had had enough and said IF the real ones are so stupid to own, WHY are you trying to look like you bought one by carrying a fake? Why not just buy a cute bag that fits the price you want to pay? It's just so sad that you need to put me down so you can feel better about buying a counterfeit bag. She walked away in a huff but she probably didn't try to play that head game any time soon! Sheesh!