someone asked a little while ago about how the pom fits on your shoulder...

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  1. hopefully they find their way to this thread...heres a picture of how mine fits (and just to show off a little bit :biggrin:)

  2. Looks pretty!! I love that color on a pom!
  3. Great photo and love your pom!!!
    Is that Amethyst SGH? I love how it fits you and must say, you two are very very beautiful! I have RH pom and SHG pom is growing on me more and more! Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. alyssawatling, aww, what a nice picture! You and your Pom are so pretty!! Love the pop color with SGH. I wonder the same as Tokyo, is it Amethyst? I have a Poupre GGH Pom and it fits on my shoulder just like this, if I do not wear a thick winter coat.
  5. Cute pic and that Pom is a lovely colour!
  6. Thanks for posting the picture! You are sooo cute!!!
  7. What a sweet picture of two lovely ladies! Your Pom's color really brightens up the whole photo too!
  8. What a fantastic pOp of color~!! Cute picture as well ;)
  9. Yeah its an amethyst :smile: The picture was from a trip to California so unfortunately I am not getting so much use out of my bag as of now because I prefer to use in on my shoulder and just like you, with a thick winter coat it just isnt happening here in Canada haha!
  10. Thanks! Yes its an Amethyst :smile:
  11. I love Amethyst with GSH! And you look beautiful :smile: