Someone.. anyone.. help me!!!

  1. Okay, so I was in a store today and saw a woman carrying a coach bag that I thought was absolutely beautiful... it was a lot like this one

    the only difference was the strap on hers was long, so it hung by her hips and the fabric was like a light wine color. Anyway, is that a really old style, or does anyone know if they have that or have had that and what model # it is? I loved it, and loved that it hung low.. thanks in advance for all of your help!!! :heart:
  2. what color was the leather trim on it? did it have pockets? was there a pattern on the fabric?

    I think we need some more details. there haven't been too many bags that look like the legacy satchel
  3. There is a bag similar to your pic. called the Mandy. It did come in a wine color, I believe it was suede though. As far as strap length it dosent hang as low as the hip. Are you sure it was a coach?
  4. the hippie never came in rose right? that's the only other one I could think of that might be close, or the ali in rose? I didn't think either of those came in rose

    you're right though, the mandy was a purple suede from 2006
  5. SOrry I had to run an errand real quick. It was dark leather trim, it said coach and looked real, but I am no expert. It looked a lot like the first pic I posted, it did have the two front pockets with the turnkey, and I think the middle had some sort of latch or something, but it did have the long strap which is what I thought was so unique.. maybe it was fake. :shrugs:It was not suede, it was the signature fabric, in an almost wine color, the color was pretty, but it was more the bag I was desperate to find.. bummer.
  6. Yeah, it probably was more like the mandy, but it was hanging down low, like behind her bum.. and it wasn't totally huge, but it was a very large purse.. if I am making any sense at all at this point!! :weird:
  7. That hippie flap is really cute!!! Maybe if I can't find out about this one I will have to start lusting after that.. :whistle:
  8. any other ideas, or are we thinking it was a fake coach? man, I wish I would have had a camera!!!!
  9. there are literally over a thousand coach bags out there, without some more details or a similar pic etc it's gonna be tough
  10. gotcha'... I understand.. I just thought maybe they had made it somewhat recently if it were real, because it is soo similar to the legacy signature. Once again, I am no expert and have just started my coach addiction as of several months ago.. THanks so much for all your help!! :smile:
  11. It doesn't sound familiar, and I only wear the very long hip-length or cross-body type bags so I'm always on the lookout for those. If I'd ever seen a Coach that fit your description it would be at the very front of my purse closet especially if it was purple or wine-colored.

    There have been some Signature Field bags with front pockets, but I can't remember anything with two pockets with turnlocks and maybe a center latch or clip. All the Field bags I can think of used magnetic locks for the front pockets.

    The Signature fabric bags only go back to about the year 2000 so it couldn't be a very old style. And Coach really doesn't make ANY bags with the extra-long straps any more except for some of the Hamptons weekender-style totes, the duffles with the convertible straps, the swingpacks, and of course the Hippie Flap. That's why I hardly ever buy new Coaches. :cry:

    If time permits, I'll run through the drilldown pages later and see if anything shows up.