Someone actually asked about my Tokidoki...

  1. I have NEVER seen anyone else here carrying any Toki, but today we were at the store and a middle aged lady actually came up and asked me where she could get one! I had our Trasporto Campeggio hanging on the back of baby's stroller (orange Quinny Zapp). I was so shocked. I explained that it was Tokidoki for LeSportsac and she said she knew that and had been looking everywhere for one. Very cool!
  2. This is off topic but I also have an Orange Quinny I ordered it from Italy because they dont sell them here in the States.. I used to have a Quinny Purple Buzz but sold it... I have never seen anyone else here with a Quinny.. Thats so cool you have one too.. hehe..:tup:. When I have another baby I am getting another Buzz.. They are awesome.. PS becareful the Zapp can easily fall back...
  3. That is so cool! We love our Zapp! I actually have the new American version - it has 4 wheels and a small basket. I got it at Baby Love in Sunrise. :tup:
  4. Here's baby in his Zapp:

  5. oh my god he's so cute....i get a lot of compliments about my Toki's, it always makes me smile cause the people who compliment them are usually older.
  6. This picture is like a year and a half old but it's the only one saved on my comp.. my Zapp is a little different color.. BTW Gabe is SO CUTE!!! :love:


  7. xD i had a similar experience... i was walking in the mall and a lady ran up to me and grabbed my arm. i was kinda scared and shes like "I LIKE UR BAG" and im like -whew- *thought she was a crazy person*
  8. Danelys - your little girl is so cute! I love that purple Buzz too.
  9. I've posted about this before in another thread I think... but a while ago when I was wandering around a convention with my Foresta bella, this girl behind one of the dealer tables started jumping up and down and screaming at me to get my attention. She wanted to know where to get my bag because she'd seen a few people walking around with them. Haha, so I wrote down a few stores around here with directions and she hugged me afterwards, she was so excited... I felt like I was being an enabler :roflmfao: She didn't seem to totally know what Tokidoki for LeSportSac was, but I think it's safe to say there's another addict running around out there now.

    Things like that are always fun and surprising, Tokidoki brings the world closer together.
  10. I've been asked about it.. I always say LeSportsac, though I feel bad because I bought all of my bags online or out of state. Only one person knew what "tokidoki" was (my favorite makeup artist) & I've only spoken to one person who carried one too (though I didn't have mine with me at the time, as I was at work) but it was a super dirty Adios Star Gioco with mediocre placement :p
  11. I have only seen one person carrying a Toki in my area and that was in Walmart!!! I am a card merchandiser and work the cards in various stores including Walmarts. One day I was walking through the store with my cart filled to the brim with helium balloons for my card display. All of a sudden I saw a woman walk briskly by with a Pirata Stellina. I so much wanted to follow her and compliment her on her purse. But I decided not to chase her down since I had all my balloons. But if I wouldn't have had my balloons with me I would have for sure tried to catch up with her. I was so excited for the rest of the day that I had a Toki spotting in my town!!!!!

    I often have people comment on my bags but only very rarely does someone know what they are.
  12. that was probably me! hehe. I take my stellina everywhere, even walmart!