Somehow the Teal Quilted Zip Clutch is back in my possession...LOL...

  1. OKay, I was back at Nordies last night and saw my SA who originally was trying to track down this ZC for me. I guess it was on hold for awhile there and she told me should could sell it to me! But the thing is - you can get a price adjustment in 14 days - and christmas is in 9 days - so when the price drops again I can get a price adjustment on it. So I bought it LOL! What's wrong with me LOL!

    While I was at it - I had a black Jessie tracked down for me - which I'll also be able to get a price adjustment on - I'm really happy about finding that Jessie!

    I think I'm addicted again :push::push:
  2. Nothing wrong with you, just smart thinking about the price adjustment in 14 days coming up. Besides there are some things I "have to have", so I don't mind getting them at first cut. Then, there are some things that I'd "like to have" at second cut. ( I hope that makes sense!)