Somehow I ended up with a Dooney...

  1. For my birthday my aunt, who never talks to me sent me this Dooney & Bourke purse. I'm not a husge fan of D&B (The hearts and stars are disgusting) but this bags kind of cute and isn't supertrendy. Should I return it or exchange it for another bag?

    This is the one from my aunt-

    and this is the one I'm thinking about exchanging it for-
  2. If i had to choose, I'd go with the one you want to exchange it for. I like the straps/buckle detail. IMO, the heart on the first one is a little too OTT.
  3. second one also
  4. I'm not a fan of either, actually. I like their AWL alot though - you may want to check out that line. I really like the one vickitoria suggested.
  5. Neither are really my thing.....I agree with everyone else about the AWL bags - they look better.
  6. If you can return it I would. IMo the second one is jsut us unappealing as the stars and hearts.
  7. I like the one you picked.
  8. I'd say go for the "all weather leather" too. I have the medium tassel tote in a bright red leather, and you'd be amazed the compliments I get when I carry it. Their leather bags are actually very nice and well made.
  9. I think the one you received from your aunt is the prettiest. I would keep that one.
  10. I have to say I think I like the one from your aunt best. The AWL one seems too small as well as the hobo. I have several D&B, used to be a big fan, now less so, but their AWL is good quality and holds up well.
  11. AWL for me too. The Hearts are too "little Girlish" and the Hobo is not my style, plus I had a medium hobo and it was difficult to get in and out of because the top strap is very stiff. There isn't a big enough drop length to allow easy access (IMO). And I just realized this is a small Hobo so it will be even harder.
  12. keep the one your aunt gave you. :smile:
  13. sorry, bot a fans with DB :P
  14. Out of the 2 I like the 2nd one. The size looks alittle smaller though. I really like the strap on it.