Somehow, I didn't buy anything!

  1. Such restraint!!

    I got out of class early today so I stopped at TJ Maxx and Marshalls-TJ had nothing but at Marshalls I saw a couple of these:

    but the signature was done in a lighter color and the trim was gold metallic. Metallic is not really my thing so I was able to pass those by. I also saw a wristlet with a bumblebee on it and another smallish bag with what looked like painted on flowers.

    And then there was the small mini signature bag that I carried around the store for a half hour before I reluctantly put it back. :sad: I really wanted to get it and of course the price was good but I grudgingly decided that I will conserve my meager funds until I can get something that I really, really want! But it sure was hard to be strong! :crybaby: I also saw an adorable little mint green leather Cole Haan bag that I almost fell for. I may have to stop back there on Friday :shame:

    I'm so overwhelmed right now between schoolwork/my baby/housework that I just want to cry. Retail therapy would have helped-oh well, maybe next time. Just wanted to share my almost purchase!

    Oh, also what was weird was some bags that I saw that were done in styles similar to Coach and inside was a patch of leather like Coach but the leather was blank. They didn't say Coach anywhere on them or anything like that but I was surprised they were there anyway.
  2. the bumblebee wristlet?!?!!? i want one of those sooooo badly...
    sigh :sad:
  3. oh that's ok, me too i'm restraining to buy a bag, coz i just bought clothes from charlotte russe and im going to LA this april so i'm saving up
  4. hey, you did good showing restraint. And it will all pay off when you're packing around the bag you love. I can relate to the school/mommy/work stress - hang in there!
  5. drooling over bumblebee wristlet ... congrats on having some will power!
  6. Good for you to have self-discipline. That took me about two years or so before I could master that!

    The bumblebee one sounds cute though.
  7. Good self discipline! I wish I had some of that, you'll feel better about it in the end....

    *sigh* saving...
  8. Thanks everyone! :smile: Believe me, it was difficult. Since I am so new to Coach (and a shopaholic by nature), I just want to buy a bunch of it and...well, patience is not my strongest trait :p