Somebody went on a scarf binge

  1. I've been holding off posting my scarf blowout, waiting to get my Societe Paul Cezanne scarf in the mail, but it's dawdling, so here goes: This is partly how I blew the remaining H fund that my goofy hound so graciously left to me after his boo boo.

    I'm operating under 2 assumptions here:

    a) Quinn's mom doesn't have any more dollar bills and
    b) I need to think of the kittens,

    so I'm just jumping right in.
    boxes.jpg scarves overall.jpg
  2. wow, great haul! I can see Passage A Tokyo, Jungle Love, the Parisian faces one (don't know the name), ummmm........need some help with the others!

    Beautiful scarves, love the Jungle Love in pink!!! And the beige one on the right! Congrats!
  3. I didn't photograph my new SCAD scarf, since it's just like MaggieD's. My new fuchsia Jungle Love is just like Jasperella's and HG's. My Les Parisiens had been seen a million times. However...these I've not seen yet, so I'm posting photos. For those who've gotten their scarf booklets, the Croquis is the jaune soufre/pale absinthe pictured on its own page. It doesn't photograph well, but it's gorgeous IRL.

    I keep thinking I'm done for awhile, but you know how it goes...
    croquis close up.jpg croquis overall.jpg
  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! Congratulations. That's it... I must have the 'horsie' one!
  5. OH MY!!! You sure did take care of yourself. LOL!!! Good for you.
  6. And here's Passage in blue
    passage closeup 3.jpg passage overall 3.jpg
  7. From what I've seen of your coloring Rose, this Croquis colorway would be a knockout on you. I'm wearing it with black, and it's very strong.
  8. ^^ I love the passage, never seen it in blue at the store (the Alaskan one), beautiful.
  9. You are wearing it with black... deal maker!!! I must get it. It could be my little splurge during the NYC meet.....
  10. It WAS in the Alaska store, but sold out quickly. This scarf is doing so well they can't keep it in stock.
  11. gga - all your scarves choices are beautiful!
  12. SO NICE!!! Gorgeous scarves, gga!!!:love:
  13. Oh wow! What a pretty haul! Love the JL one...
  14. Oh my goodness, gga! LOVE to see those boxes stacked high!! :heart:

    You made a GREAT haul! Just Gorgeous!! LOVE the Croquis Champs - yummmmmmmmm - ME! Congratulations!
  15. Oh, your new scarves are gorgeous!!! Enjoy!