Somebody talk me into Marigold

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  1. I kind of feel like if I don't get the Marigold in a real bag (not just the coin purse) I'm really going to regret it. I know if I don't get on a list right now, my chances are slim, and I also know that if I buy it and just don't love it, I probably won't have any trouble selling it.

    So. What are you planning to wear Marigold with (I'm planning on a First)? I keep thinking how cute it would be with one of my black and white print DVF wrap dresses - what else is motivating you to buy Marigold?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Ches,

    If I could afford it, I'd absolutely go for the Marigold in whatever purse style it comes in. Looks fab with GH.

  3. What hardware do you guys think the Marigold would look best in? (Regular, Gold Giant or Silver Giant)
  4. I prefer the contrast of the RH with the yellow.:tup:
  5. Ches definitely get the First! If you're unhappy with it, I'm sure it will be easy to sell in that style. I love the yellow Firsts. I keep going back and forth between the First and the City.
  6. ^Yeah, and although I love yellow, I can't wear yellow clothes because it makes me look dead and zombie-like. :hrmm:

    A yellow bag seems like the perfect solution. I guess I'd better get on a list...
  7. And to Spiral's question, I still don't like GH, but it will probably be really pretty with silver...
  8. I walked into Ann Taylor Loft a couple of days ago and couldn't help but notice there was yellow everywhere!! My first impulse was to take my cellphone out and call Bal NY to waitlist myself on yet another marigold item!!! ;)
  9. If I were you, I would just get on a waitlist and decide if you love it when you get it. Then, you will know for sure whether or not its the right bag for you. That color/style combination will be in large demand so you won't have a problem selling it (or you could just return it).
  10. I think the Marigold would look Great in the first with RH, it is my favorite HW and size. Hope this helps :smile:
  11. I am getting a Marigold Makeup for sure! I personally wouldn't get anything bigger than a City because I like bold/brighter colors in smaller bags. I think a RH First would be perfect!!!
  12. I like bright colors in smallers bags or accessories too!! I would think a makeup or a coin purse would be cute!! But First would be my next choice too!! :heart:
  13. What inspired me to go with marigold? I wear a lot of dark neutrals (gray, browns, blacks, navy) and marigold goes perfectly with any of them, yay! My wardrobe colors are so "drab" that a shot of color like from marigold would be perfect and would totally *make* the outfit.
  14. I am in the same boat with Kristy, although getting a marigold bag is really a big leap for me. I am on a list for a cognac (I think it is sienna over there) and I am also thinking whether or not to change it to marigold. Unfortunately, no one has posted any photos on how this bag looks. :confused1:
  15. definitely the RH.