Somebody Talk Me Down, I'm too Impatient

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  1. I got word from my Coach SA that I could return my fraying Carly @ the boutique and I got word that I could return it to the store I purchased from, Macys. I am sooo impatient that I want to just return it to Macys since its only 5 minutes from me. The coach store is about 45 minutes and not a drive I make often. I'm impatient to get another leather bag. I really like the Hapmtons carryall in either berry or mahogany. I like that the pebbled leather is so durable. My other choices would be carly in brown leather or Zoe in brown leather. I have a black one in each of these. Should I go for something totally different (hamptons carryall) or get zoe or carly? I LOVE my carly and zoe but feel like the leather is more high maintainence on them. Or a Ergo pleated satchel in brown leather. Give me your opinion. I am totally off liking the signature bags.
  2. Hanptons Carryall!
  3. Hamptons carryall~berry!
  4. Hamptons carry-all for something a little different!
  5. Definitely the Carryall! :smile:
  6. The carryall in berry. Who can resist that beautiful rich colour??
  7. Oooh, the Hamptons carry all - berry!
  8. Definitely get the Hamptons carryall in berry! :smile:
  9. Whatever bag you can't consider a cool color - the Hamptons Carryall in Berry is gorgeous and the Zoe's are coming out in Crimson and Petrol patent! There are other Hamptons coming out in Teal as well.
  10. I'm gonna be different and go with the ergo pleathed satchel. I just love it!
  11. I vote for you to get something totally different from what you already have. I love the berry carryall, or even the pleated satchel in non-brown/black color. Can't wait to see what you end up with.