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Nov 11, 2005
My yearning for bags and purses started with the start of this forum. In the next half year I collected bags for the sake of having a lot to call a collection. However this summer on I decided to slough off unneccesary baggage, namely all basically. So I waited till the fall/winter sales to start anew. I love pairing a hot bag with bum around clothes, so here is a working student's wee collection. Each bag I get will symbolize a specific aspect or event in my life worth celebrating or commemorating. Otherwise I would go bankrupt to put it nicely. Enjoy!
LONGCHAMP pliage tote

This old girl stuck by with me as I waited and waited for the 2006 holiday sales. I was infamous for this bag, with its warm sunny color. It's just lovely for vacations and for light classes. It has seen many a evening at barnes and noble.
longchamp tote.jpg
COACH top handle madison
black lurex

Adorable and structured, this bag has seen many a party with me since November. It can fit a good deal of party essentials, and sits up on its own.

maddies top.jpg
maddie wall.jpg
BALENCIAGA first/classique

The current pièce de résistance of my collection is this balenciaga. I bought this at the end of 2006, in celebration of getting into one of my PT programs of choice. Its rock chic with a feminine twist appeals to me that it glams up ordinary sweats or whatever bum around clothes I usually don.

bal close up.jpg
bal corner.jpg
bal tag.jpg
ballie wall.jpg
COACH scarves
monotone abstract oblong scarf
legacy stripe ponytail scarf
purple signature skinny scarf
bonnie's clutch neckerchief

Great to dress up an outfit, or bag..yet I have yet to do so.

group o scarves.jpg
bonnie scarf.jpg
legacy stripe ponytail.jpg
COACH fold over striped wristlet
striped legacy

Roomy with lots of pockets, I got this during the PCE winter event to use as a wallet. Best part is I can keep a cell and ipod in there as well, which is essential to me.

fold over.jpg
fold over wristlet.jpg
COACH hamptons leather flap wristlet

Fits all the essentials and then some, I purchased this during the PCE 2006 Winter event. Damn near indestructable to boot, even if the leather gets wet, it takes care of itself within 10 minutes.

coach flap wristlet.jpg
flap wristlet.jpg
COACH hamptons leather small wristlet

Also from the PC event in winter 2006, it fits cash, cards, cell, gloss, and possibly a nano. My favorite COACH leather, the glove tanned leather that made the company famous, but updated to todays time.

coach embossed.jpg
MARC JACOBS quilted key pouch

I love this thing! Sure its burdensome, can't fit as much as say a COACH skinny, and has a huge cumbersome lock that takes up a lot more space then you would think..I love it! I'm very anal, and can't have anything asymmetrical. And this is perfect in asthetics. I keep a couple of dollars, loyalty cards, and keys on this little baby.

mj skinny.jpg
mj key pouch.jpg
FURLA popsicle coin purse

I bought this in the summer of 2006 hoping that it will fit the nano that's on its way to me. It also makes a cute cash skinny. Imagine it tucked into your back pocket on a boardwalk..

furla ice cream pop.jpg
flower print

Got this freebee from I think the Estee Lauder make up counter. Its the perfect size with room to spare for my makeup during the day. And its no skin off my nose if it gets ruined. Although I hope I don't!

cosmetic case.jpg