Somebody STOP me!!

  1. hahaha..... Okay, well I need to stop, but its okay. I just bought a LARGE brown grained calfskin diamond stitch tote. Its not being shipped till monday so I can get the EGC from Saks, but I ordered it IN CASE I don't like the grand shopper I ordered yesterday. I won't keep both b/c I don't need 2 brown totes.. its just the diamond stitch is sold out in every Chanel in the country and I had to HUNT this baby down!!
  2. Is this the square one or the flap style? I love the square one in brown; it's so pretty!

    There are two collections: the grained calfskin flap (pictured on the Chanel website in black) and the diamond stitch (a square bag with chain handles that likeafeather77 purchased and posted awhile back).

    Both bags are really nice.
  3. I know its grained calfskin and its the large square tote (the CHANEL boutique referred to it as the grained calfskin diamond stitch - sorry)
  4. ohhh japs i have the diamond stitch square tote in the white color. i got the medium size one and it's absolutely gorgeous. i love the huge silver cc logo and i def love the chains! i have seen that bag in brown and it's a beauty, its like a rich choc brown congrats!
  5. congrats! :tender:
  6. Ooooh! You know you're obligated to post photos no matter which one you decide to keep!
    We wanna see EVERYTHING!!!
  7. Its a deal... I will post... I am still sad that I never brought the diamond stitch flap in dark red home - let it in the office and returned it the next day - I never took pictures.... I know it has a good home though... another pfer snatched it up!!
  8. Saks is having another EGC???
    OOH..My SA never told me.......GROWL.........
  9. curious.. what's an EGC? My apologies for not knowing the lingo...
  10. Yeah, i don't know what EGC stands for either!
    We should start a thread with all the shorthand for the newcomers who don't know.
    Or... there could be one already, there are so many threads!
  11. ^it's a Rewards Program Saks does.