Somebody stop me!!!!

  1. I bought my second veneta today! Here she is!!! :yahoo:She's a great neutral color and goes with everything!!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    I'm in :love:.
    DSC00200.jpg DSC00203.jpg DSC00206.jpg
  2. luna_, congrats! It`s perfect to have a classic Bv in a neutral and a pop-colour!
  3. Stop you???? Why???? Seriously, they are great, luna - enjoy using them!
  4. luna_- your bags are tdf. i don't have the veneta but it is a classic and the colors are wonderful.
    since you seem to want "stopping" i will try to help.
    it is very easy to become intoxicated with bv bags. i don't know if it is the smell of the leather or the feel of the bags or the friendly sa's that make the bv experience so wonderful.
    it is possible to over buy and then have to go on a purse ban.
    remember there will always be beautiful new colors, styles and leathers. go at a pace that is comfortable for you. enjoy your new bag.
  5. luna_ as i said before in many other threads, i dont know what other brands are as addictive as BV. i mean there are just so many styles and so many colors to choose from and all their items are unique and subtle.
    you have just scored yourself bags that are timeless and those colors are truly amazing; one neutral and one vibrant.

    enjoy them!
  6. luna_, great classic choices! have a wonderful time wearing them :smile:
  7. wow, luna_, now all you need is a nero or ebano to complete a classic trio of venetas!
  8. Beautiful classic but also contemporary choices. Heck, there's no reason to stop!!
  9. btw, luna_, that's a camel veneta you have there right? are both in medium size?
  10. armcandyaddict, Yes they are both in medium size. I didn't go for the ebano and nero coz i have too many dark colored bags from other brands already. Somehow i've been attracted to colors lately. I'm not too familiar with the browns especially the difference between hazelnut and camel.

    I have a feeling i may sell all my other bags and buy everything in BV. I still like the ball bag and still regret to this date for not getting it years ago before the price hike.

    For a while i have been really into balenciaga bags. And i still am. The b-bags have a huge following. But somehow, i've never felt like i need so many pieces of the same design so badly until i bought the carmino BV.

    The veneta (especially) is such a classic and timeless piece i could see myself carrying it 10 years from now. Even the ball has a slight edge and youthfulness to it. It's a really fun rendition of the veneta.

    Now i wish they have the venetas in a smaller than medium size. It would be great for a quick trip out.:graucho:
  11. And to everyone -

    I need to pace myself now after these wonderful purchases in 2 days. But i must admit that there really IS something about the leather and the intoxicating smell of it, plus the mesmerizing weave pattern that just makes you want them in every color!:nuts:

    I don't think i can stop now, i just need to relax abit before i jump back into the BV store. And yes, i totally agree when you guys say the BV SAs are so friendly. Unlike many other brands i've encountered here who are somewhat arrogant and unwilling to serve when they know you are just browsing.

    Not everyone buys a bag each time they step into a store. I for one, take so much time doing my research and sleepless nights thinking of which one i truly wanna get. For this, the BV SAs get full marks for friendliness and helpfulness.;)
  12. Luna, I sooooo hear you - take it from someone who ended up buying the same bag in four different colours within a month! And that was all without the benefit of actually going to a BV boutique or even seeing much at all in the way of BV IRL... I am a little scared of what I would do if I ever set foot in a BV boutique!!!
  13. Wow. I don't feel so bad now. :shame:I've been fondling the BV bags for a good year and a half now and finally melted when i saw the carmino veneta. She just kick started this whole "want-one-in-each-color" frenzy that i'm quite happy to ride out. I've never really felt this way for any brands till now. I usually get one pcs from the one brand and that's it. I really in for a lot of trouble with BV now. a:wtf:

    Which same bag in four colors did you buy? Any pics? ;)
  14. Congrats on your fast growing Veneta collection. I believe this is Camel, the SS'07 brown which is lighter than Noce (hazenut) - it's like pale caramel. I have this colour too and I love it. Yummy!
  15. I bought a Montaigne in noce, then nero, then bianco, then last (but not least) carmino! There are some pictures in the "My Collections" thread... Looking forward to hearing about your next BV (as I KNOW there will be a next)!