Somebody STOP me!! Please

  1. Ok gals, you know I am on a purse ban.

    But now the Chloe shoes are tempting me!!! :push:

    I ordered these from Barney's last week and the gal told me they were dark brown, the tobacco color. Woohoo, something to make me want to keep choco, right?? :yes:


    They came in whiskey! Which -- matches python silverado perfectly!! :p

    But I *still* want them in the tobacco!!



    Help me NOT spend myself into oblivion!! :wtf:
  2. Dont Do It!!!
  3. Thank you. You are good friend :love:

    What about these really cute Chloe flats????

    And should I keep or return the above shoes????

  4. Omg those are perfect match with your silverado, I love them..!!:drool:

    I'm a really bad in giving advices but if possible I would keep them and get them in chocolate/tobacco too!
  5. Since that is really my heart's desire, I have to say you are a good friend too! :love:

    PLUS, there is an adorable pair of Chloe flats calling me name in that Pastello color :crybaby:

  6. It looks like you need to keep 'em and get 2 more pairs of chloe shoes...:graucho:
    (sorry hun but thats what my heart says!:p )

    ...I should definitely stay on a purse ban for awhile too, and get next some paddy boots/shoes too!
  7. Ahhhhh!!! You should definitely keep those shoes for the Silverado!!!

    Beautiful!!! Let's see if I can find me some flats too...
  8. HM sorry but they are keepers! they are gorgeous and a perfect match. I think the ban should start now and behave going forward as I think you may look back and regret not keeping them as they may never come up again!

  9. Woooooooo...they are gorgeous!:wtf: :drool:
    They go with my whiskey paddy too!!:graucho:


    You are on a purse ban. :push:

    A strict one...?

    If so, you need to send them back. Now. lol:yahoo:

    If it's not too strict, and you can re-start the ban again from the moment you find the shoes in tobacco, then go with what your heart tells you.;) :yes::heart:
  10. Hi hmwe46...

    I have to say, that I think you need to keep these adorable shoes that match 1 bag you have already spent a fortune on - and now you have a complete outfit (sans the clothing) forever. I think you should also still get the tobacco color you ordered -- and see if that color looks just as good as you thought it would - maybe it won't. If it does, then you will have another *complete* outfit (shoes, bag)...

    Think about it, I want to be your friend to tell you to "stop"... but you have already laid out alot of $$$ on a gorgeous purse, so what else would look as good against a chloe? right? ;)

    If you can afford it, I say keep these shoes, order the other, get 'em, and see if they work too. Then don't buy any other purses for a few months. You will have yourself 2 gorgeous chloe bag & shoe ensembles to work with.

    I think you did good!!! They are gorgeous!
  11. Those are awesome!!!!

    I haven't seen those before and i love them.

    Funny, my choco paddy has a tag on it that says "Whiskey". Someone at Chloe must have mixed up the tag. I wonder how many people called the store looking for a choco and were told they didn't have one but that they had a Whiskey?
  12. I have these in the buckle version. I love them, but honestly one pair is enough :smile:

    save some money for the gorgeous spring summer ones too!! ;)
  13. Girls, I am dying over here!! Thank you for your kind words and input!!
  14. I love that color Chloe-Babe!! Is it tan?
  15. its darker than my tan boots, but lighter than the whiskey!

    but classed as tan yep :biggrin: