Somebody Snatch a <Insert RM Here> Right Out From Under Me!!!

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  1. So today I was perusing ShopBop. Not looking for anything in particular when I came across the Tryst Clutch in black/pewter. It was on sale for a great price and with the 20% discount it was gonna be like $91!! I've never seen one in person before so I immediately opened a new window to TPF and searched for some modeling shots. The modeling shots confirmed I would love it so I then hit the button to add to cart and of course...

    it was no longer in stock. :crybaby: Uggggh!!!!! I was so sad. So now I'm throwing myself a pity party with a pedicure, a Cherry Coke Zero and my favorite Pharrell playlist. Misery loves company. Tell me your sob story. Did you hesitate for a few seconds and miss out on a fabulous RM deal??
  2. aw i am sorry knasarae! that stinks! something will pop up soon! i have missed out on bags, not RM tho.
  3. Hah, Knas I'm so sorry! I've been looking for a lovely, broken in MAB in a neutral color for a while, and so far I've been spending my summer trolling ebay. Now, the ONE AFTERNOON that I left my computer and did something fun, a Chocolate MAB popped up on evilbay for an unbelievable $99. I got back a few minutes after it sold, i was SO BUMMED!!!!!!

    btw cool thread idea!!
  4. Thanks kelpie...I can definitely feel your pain!!!
  5. Sorry that happened! That was a great price, too. I am sure another one will turn up though. My fingers are crossed for you!
  6. Aww.. knas, that's the worst ever :hugs:don't lose hope - maybe there's a chance that they will get some more in. When I was about to get my first RM I kept on checking the site - one day it'd say, not in stock, another day, limited stock available, and then when it said, available for shipping today - I immediately made an order :yes:
  7. I remember the day (night) well. I was just stealing a quick look at the bay (no intention on purchasing), I'm tearing up while typing.......
    There she was, the bag I've been looking high and low for, the Royal/Brown basketweave MAB.:yahoo: I pressed BIN,and........
    my computer frozeeeeeeeeeeeee :cursing:. I had to completely shut down, restart and 5-7 minutes later... she was gone :crybaby:. I thought I had gotten over this, but I guess not.
    I'll reschedule my appt with my therapist tomorrow.Thanks for the memories :sad:.
  8. there was a brand new wine nikki for $470 on ebay yesterday and i went to hit BIN immediately!~ but... you guessed it, somebody hit the button 2 secs before me!~ :crybaby: i was bummered!!~
  9. I lost out on the french tote. <sob>
  10. Oh well that's 90 something toward another purse! :yes:
  11. That's a good way of looking at it!!

    I'm afraid I'm going to miss out on the upcoming rose nikki since I can't find a place to preorder from and LB CS is being really shady. :cursing:
  12. Hi Toki, don't worry, you're not going to miss the Rose Nikki. To be honest, I really don't understand the hype about the pre-ordering. Yes, these bags may sell out at online retailers, but brick and mortar stores across the US will have all of the new bags. RM updated the list of retailers on the website a couple of weeks ago, and the few places that I called said that they were or already had received the new bags:smile: I'm sure that brick and mortar stores will also receive the Rose nikki this winter:smile:
  13. That's a pisser. You definitely need a drink...something stronger that Coke Zero and you need to buy something ASAP!

    If it makes you feel better, I changed my mind about the Concord Nikki.....part of me can't rationalize having another purple bag. But as much as I know I made the logical choice, I still LOVE that bag!
  14. I'm trying to just be patient for a Purple Lizard MAC since I can't find Black anywhere. But then again, I won't like it if it's not a dark purple. I wonder if anyone has seen PL in real life? It's not even on anymore.
  15. Awww, thank you for the kind words. I get worked up in the frenzy and freak out. Especially since I wanted to order the sea green nikki from LB but they told me the sold out through pre-orders so that kinda made me nervous. You're absolutely right though, if I couldn't get it through LB I could definitely get it somewhere else! I don't need to worry any longer though since I placed my pre-order through LB this morning! :yahoo: I just hope Santa aka my bf reimburses me for my own Christmas present! :sweatdrop: