Somebody slap me...I just spent

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  1. $2800 on the Louis Vuitton Gold Miroir Speedy 30 :wtf:

    I feel :yahoo: :confused1: :wlae: :push: :s ALL-AT-ONCE

    PF-Sisters...please counsel your fellow sister

    be honest but be gentle :heart:

    Gosh but she is awfully pretty isn't she?

  2. gorgeous! pretty soon, people willbe paying 1000s more, you might as well get it now before you really want it, and its 5000!
  3. Congrats! If you love it, you love it :smile:
  4. No violence allowed, right?? Your miroir is beautiful.:love: Just enjoy it and you deserve it.
  5. :yes: Congratulations, it is beautiful!
  6. ahhhh wow i can see you walkin down the street now and just eyes glaring on that beautiful bag!!!!! Congats wow its georgous!!

  7. you're right twinkle i do love it ...:yes:

    i feel like I would have been obsessed with it if I didn't get it
  8. it's beautiful!!! if you decide it's not for you in the long run you can prolly sell it and earn some $$ too!
  9. That is one BEAUTIFUL bag, and you can console yourself in that you didn't spend over 3K

    It's fantastic! Give it a little hug for me (I missed out:crybaby: )
  10. are you happy with the price vs the bag?
  11. Congrats!!! It's a beauty! LOL, you'll slap yourself if you didn't buy it:p
  12. She's gorgeous!
  13. Why you have to pay that much?
  14. Haha! You'll be the centre of attention everywhere you go with that bag! Grats! :nuts:

  15. @ yellowknifegirl: I know sis but its just such a big number i had barely threaded into the waters of the low 1000s until tonight...after it was all over I felt like I at least should have been *shaken* abit, ya'know :shame:

    :love: @bvbirdygirl and just_jill325 : that does make me feel alot better watching how all of you guys have taught me to take care of my bags so the resale value stays high and our bags really ARE like an investment (just in case you ever do need to part with one)