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  1. I'm way in over my head and going down fast. I bought two purses totaling over 2000 dollars in the last month and have seriously put myself on a bag ban. But then I go to NM today with a friend and see a 1500 dollar Prada marked down to 1000 dollars and I'm now choking. It's so awesome and unique; a caramel drawstring tote that just took my breath away. Do any of you know this purse? I'm purusing other places just to gape and stare. If that stupid thing was in camel, I would have been at the point of no return. I wish I never visited NM now, that Prada purse is in my blood.....:sad:

    Any suggestions on were to shop for this brand, that's obscure like AR?
  2. Was the bag in deerskin leather? I think I know the bag you mean, and every time I see it online, I think how nice it would be to have it. I don't know where else you'd see it, except a Bergdorf Goodman or a Saks maybe?
  3. Post your question on authenticity in that thread above the regular threads for an answer.

    When you described the bag, this is the one I remembered. It's gorgeous. I'm not an expert, but based on the sellers, the 2nd seller appears more legit. More feedback and on high-end items. Did you notice in her description she said it's a display/floor model and one pic shows a long scratch in the leather (which possibly could be conditioned to look better)? The first seller doesn't have much feedback and most of it is for buying, not selling and her selling history is for inexpensive items. But I can't tell a real from fake Prada in pics--go to the thread that will answer that if you're thinking of bidding.

  4. Very good idea, thank you so much for your attention. I appreciate it.
  5. How do you independent purse sellers on ebay get your valid, new Prada's to sell (and at a great discount) over retailers like Sak's and NM.

    What's up with that?:shrugs:
  6. I have the gold metallic version of this same bag from the spring/summer collection and just love it. The best part about it is that it's lined in yummy soft lambskin!! If you look at the prices of the fall bags, so many of the ones well over $2000 only have the monogram polyester type lining. To me, this bag is definitely worth the $1000. If I hadn't just gotten two new Gucci bags, I'd be all over this one at that price!

    On the eBay bags, I'm pretty sure the first is real, but I'd rather pay more and do business with clarsanna who does only sell the real thing.

    About your question on how eBay sellers get the real bags and sell them cheap, they typically are people that have an inside connection with one of the major dept. stores and can get a discount that you and I can't. I know of one seller that basically spends her days culling through all the sales racks in Beverly Hills looking for deals that she can sell on eBay. This type of seller will normally charge much more than you typically see on eBay, but that's because they do have the real deal, and usually on bags that are sold out and people are dying to get.

  7. You are so helpful, thank you so much. This is fabulous board.