Somebody please tell me why i would pay this price on ebay rop

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  1. Depends? Can you find it readlly or is it a sold out item? How much is it in the store?
  2. it's not unusual for people to price things higher on eBay, esp for a rare or htf item. this one is still a bit on the high side, but I'd be like I would've been paying the shipping and tax...(which I usually would pass irl). I just noticed that her starting bid is the same as BIN.

    jun3machina was looking for this bag...June, still looking?
  3. I don't know what the retail price of that bag is, but I do know that they had it at the MbyMJ store in Chicago when I was there on Thursday - Why would anyone pay more than full price when you can still get it at MbyMJ stores??? I think sometimes buyers forget that department stores & online sites aren't the only ones to carry MbyMj bags - you can buy them directly from MJ & chances are, they still have them.

    According to her description, she bought the bag & changed her mine - she's only trying to sell it for the price she paid + s/h. She even says that after 3 days she's going to end it and return it - I don't understand why she doesn't just return it & forget eBay? Why waste the $$ on fees??
  4. That's what I'm wondering too? I'd just return it! Unless the person put it on a store credit card and wants the cash vs the credit back to the card?
  5. ^ I believe the bag retails for $438 in stores and are mostly sold out at dept stores hence, the seller thinks that they can make a quick buck or two? :wondering Or maybe the store is far away or shipping back would cost money? I don't know. Just being a devil's advocate.