somebody please help me find reissue in dark silver 225!!

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  1. I really want the bag and will do anything to get it!
  2. have you seen the lucky charms med classic 2.55 in silver? it's great!
  3. nope.. what does it look like? do you have a picture?
  4. I currently do not but type it in google and may pics are available, sorry
  5. what size classic in white are you looking for, med or jumbo?
  6. med size. I actually want a darker color now. Dark silver or black will be perfect! (and I wil do edit my signature now). thx!!
  7. med black classic with silver or gold hardware? There are so many diff choices:wlae:
  8. Med black reissue with silver 225
    Med dark silver reissue with silver 225

    I am leaning more to black color though. Thx for helping!

    Question 225 is med right? is it smaller than med classic flap or bigger?
  9. There is a thread on the dark silver reissue returning this fall, along with a new color, black metallic. I believe Mon posted this thread. However, the sizes were stated to be 226 and 227. If I'm not mistaken 225 is smaller than a regular medium classic. Do a search and you will find the sizes and the post regarding fall '07 reissue returning.
  10. 225 is small the 226 is the medium and 227 is large the 224 is tinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyy
    youre looking for 226 I believe.
  11. My SA at Saks NYC (Susan) helped me locate a dark silver 225 reissue at Saks Miami. Call her (212-940-4543).