Somebody play psychiatrist for me, please

  1. I just can't figure myself out when it comes to bbags. I crave them, drool over them, MUST have them. After I get the one I am craving, I adore it for about a week or maybe two. Then....I just kind of get over it and want to sell it and get a different one. What the heck is wrong with me? It's like I change my mind about what I want every single week. And I feel dumb talking about how much I LOVE a certain bag and then putting it up for sale within a month.

    Is anybody feelin' me? I am never like this about other things, only bbags.
  2. Lori, you are certifiably crazy!:lol:
  3. HAHAHA... welcome to purse addiction! I'm the SAME way with LV and Balenciaga. When you get a bag you've been craving, you're on a high. When you see something else you want, you are hell bent on selling a bag to buy the next one - kinda like a junkie, KWIM?
  4. as long as it's bbags and not men! LOL! or women for that matter! :lol:
  5. I think you should try and be content with what you have, there is too much choice in the world these days and it makes us want to keep looking around. My step dad used to say once you buy something, say, a bag, then stop looking at other bags as you will always find one you may prefer! It's true!
  6. I am pretty new to the b-bagworld but I get what yoy're saying. I just bought my first but think will enjoy it for a while which doesn't keep me from planning my next purchase. (no selling)
  7. It does make me feel like a junkie, actually.:wtf:

  8. LoriB, don't feel bad. I'm exactly the same way. But mine isn't just bags is almost everything I buy.
  9. well i feel the same but i cant get to sell them i seem to get over them
  10. ME too! BUT I've noticed that I do love one or two more and they tend to stay around (bordeux first - origan hobo - kooba black). Some do stand the test of time for me.

    It helps to realize your, ahem, addiction though. When I see something I FEEL at the moment I absolutely MUST have - I think . . well remember (fill in the blank) you didn't need that so much. Ya know? But I do think its perrfectly a natural human condition.

    And yes, thank goodness its not the men (or cars) in your life :smile:
  11. Lori--I'm EXACTLY like that!! Except I only toy with the thought of letting one go in order to sell it. I don't think I can actually bear to part with a B-bag.

    Thought of me selling = :crybaby:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    The first step in overcoming addiction is to admit that you have one! :lol:
  13. LoriB your are not alone!!!
  14. LoriB you are not alone!!!
  15. LoriB you're really highly addicted !!!
    But as l_b said : here you're not alone....