Somebody pl end my misery now...I just passed up a luxe bowler

  1. So most of you would know the luxe bowler is currently no.1 on my wishlist right now. I got into Chanel too late and after getting my classic black reissue, now I want more Chanel bags!!! But because of my upcoming wedding, I can't get any more till next year.

    A lovely lovely PFer gave me the chance to get a matte black luxe bowler but I just passed it up! :crybaby:My fiance would be pleased though...
  2. Aww I am sorry... maybe more will come when you can purchase them!
  3. I'm sorry about that! But look on the bright side! After your wedding, your hubby might buy you your dream bag after what you did! :biggrin: Great job on the pass! :biggrin:
  4. Heh thanks girls, am trying to look on the bright side too... Just a couple more months!!
  5. Aw I know how you feel but I think it was the right thing to do. Focus on your wedding and THEN get the bag! There will still be some floating around, don't worry!
  6. that is true^^^^. your dream bag will come along again but having your DH trust you with your decisions is the best thing you can offer to him.
  7. good for you!!! It's hard but worth it in the end.
  8. Focus on your wedding, Chanel will wait for you!
  9. I know how it is to want a bag, but have other priorities. You will get the bowler in due time .... Congrats on the wedding:smile:
  10. Once you get married, you be will on such a high that the bag will be low on your priority...for a lil' while! :graucho:

    Just be confident in knowing you did the right thing. Your fiance would most def be proud of you!:tup:
  11. Aww, I think you made a difficult, but very wise decision. :smile: If you'd gotten the bowler, you might have not been able to enjoy/carry it in good conscience... and causing any friction in your relationship with your soon to be husband is not worth it over a bag (a beautiful bag, but still a bag). :smile: Hopefully after you're married, you can get your dream bag, and better still, with a happy heart and in good conscience. :smile:
  12. Thanks a lot for the support girls! It was so hard in the beginning but I've managed to get over it. And who knows? Maybe I'll find something else for my wishlist next year hehe..
  13. I know how you feel Shiny hair I recently passed on a dark silver reissue because of my DH putting his foot down (it doesn't get any better after marriage!!). But after kicking myself (and him) for a few days I haven't given it a second thought, there are always other bags to obsess over.
  14. You know what Syma? You are absolutely right... I've found other bags to obsess over already! Hehe..