Somebody needs to stop shopping...ANOTHER REVEAL!

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  1. So, I have wanted this bag for a LONG time, and I actually purchased and returned one about a year ago because I couldn't justify spending the money. Anyways, I decided that I NEEDED this bag, so I bought it again today!

    Any guesses??

  2. Cool, a live one! Is it a pochette?
  3. ohhh!! another one
  4. AHHH I love live reveals! Sunset blvd or and eva perphaps?? Open Open Open LOL!
  5. :couch:
  6. Here's another pic... it doesn't appear to be a common item on here but I lvoe it!!

  7. Milla MM in White MC???
  8. I'd say Sunset Boulevard!!!
  9. Some kind of white MC pochette or cles?? I'm not really good about guessing!
  10. Good job!! I am just in love with how cute it is!! There were only 2 left in my store so I took the one with a little more patina because I liked the colors better. I am definitely keeping this jewel!

  11. sooooo cute!! congrats!!!
  12. very nice!! congrats
  13. Very cute!!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Wowww, it's so pretty!!! Congrats sarahguz :smile: Do you think you can post a pic of what could fit in it? I'm thinking of getting one too.
  15. Oh wow, I haven't ever seen the Milla in MC before, it's gorgeous! Congrats on your new goodie, enjoy it, it's adorable!