somebody needs to buy this pretty lil puppy

  1. mmmmmmmmm..... Rebecca this would go GREAT with your Plum Suhali Medium Ring Agenda! ;)
  2. Nice! They also have a few Suhali items on let-trade: one blue Le Tal, and one blue L'Aimable. If I only had the $...
  3. Love the color :yes:
  4. I hear ya sista! If I had money laying around right now...snatch...I'd be all over it! It's soooo classy, isn't it? And, did i mention the color?! have an agenda like this??? Girrrrllll frrriiieend....I think john's on to something.....:graucho:
  5. Plum is the prettiest Suhali color. Makes me wanna eat it. :lol:
  6. i saw one for 1500. seriously thought about it. then i realized, im close to a ban. oops.