Somebody left a baby in front of my door.

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    Yesterday I was so happy for just getting this from LV:


    and this morning I was completely shock when someone knock my door and left something inside a box like this...


  2. wow what is it???
  3. O:huh: a reveal? I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Open!!!!
  5. When I opened the box gently, I saw something red!!!

  6. What is it????
  7. I knew that I really had to be gentle... I was afraid that I might did something bad to the thing inside the box... so I really had to help it out of the box...
  8. :popcorn:
  9. I was so happy when I saw this cute bagby cuddled inside it's yellow blanket. So I decided to see this bagby.... It's Monogram!!! Any guess which bagby is this???

  10. It's 2 am now, I will go to bed and continue the reveal in the morning... night night guys!
  11. don't leave us hanging like this!
  12. a speedy ??
  13. COME ON AND SHOW Us!!!
  14. :popcorn:
  15. its a speedy..what a tease, lol.