Somebody is using purse forum's quote to sell fake fendi baby zucca spy bag on ebay!

  1. Wow, that is really messed up! This is SO WRONG!!!
  2. :wtf:
  3. That's so :censor: wrong!
  4. no way...
  5. As grossed out as I am that this seller is using tPF blurbs to sell a BLATANT FAKE, at least they are giving credit to the author. Maybe that will send some potential buyers our way so those of us on the authentication thread can steer them clear of this fake bag!
  6. Reported!
  7. I reported too!!! Grrrrrrrrr....
  8. Triple reported. What a jerk.
  9. Reported!! :cursing:
  10. :push: so sad, she even can't have personal opinion :blah:
  11. How sad....
  12. I am so mad right now!:cursing:
    I just hope people who read this auction doesn't think pfers support fake bags!!!:censor: :mad: :rant:
  13. Or at least the buyers might take the time to read tPF and blog to see how riddled with fakes eBay is... maybe thay'll gain enough sense to post on the "authenticate this" thread! Still a very dirty trick, though.