Somebody Help... Red spot with new LV

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  1. My friend bought her first LV bag over the weekend end.(I was with her) We were so exited, We didn't check on the bag while we were in LV shop. Then... When she got home she called me. There's a little red spot on the hand strap!!! She couldn't get it out! It's the red spot that came with the dust bag. I told her to use lotion to rub it...That doesn't work either! We desided to return it,They could not accept the bag because of that red spot....... What should I do to help her??? Can anyone help.....:crybaby:
  2. Did you guys explain that the red spot came with the dust bag? If it is their own defect LV is usually pretty good at replacing bags in my experience. I had a monogram pochette and the strap broke a couple months after I had it, I brought it in and apparently I had an older version where the strap was connected to the zipper. At first they only wanted to fix the bag for me, but I ended up receiving a brand new one in the mail.
  3. if it's satined from the dust bag, have you showed it to SA with the bag? Ask to speak with a manager if the SA is not being helpful, as long as you return/exchange it asap from purchase, i don't see why they will give you a hard time. Good luck! :flowers:
  4. that was your first mistake, the bag should have been taken right back to the store when you saw the mark. You shouldnt have tried to removed. IT seems you would have been happy if that would have taken the mark out, so i suggest using magic ereaser.
  5. I think so too.... :push: But I think If we try to tell them again and have them fix it for us?
  6. BAlenciagaLove1 , Classic Chic :yes: ; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! but,I talk to the manager already but she said it looks like a lipstick stain.... I was like "eerrrr...Ok it came with the bag" I think I have to go there to speak with the SA that I bought with.... See what she said... I will try again.... Thank you!:crybaby:
  7. good luck - i hope they give her a new bag
  8. try to exchange it...or maybe baby wipes? they usually seem to work wonders
  9. Try the magic pretty much takes out everything.
  10. I agree, next time don't try to clean it. If it is obvious that the bag is untouched and unused, they WILL take it back. However, if the mark is rubbed and smeared, it makes it look like something you did. But since it did come that way, I would INSIST on an exchange. Your friend shouldn't have to keep a defective bag when she paid that much. Good luck!
  11. I have learned to look over my bags at the store. Live and learn I guess. There is NO way to prove that you didn't do it!
  12. Thank you for all your help,We will try to work it out somehow.... Thank you thank you Thank you =)