Somebody help my DREAM!!!!

  1. These Tod's have been on NM for the past forever. I want them. There are no sales - nothing? What to do... please spread some insight...:cursing:
  2. what a coincidence! ive just tried this shoe today at my local Tods store. they're not on sale really? i think im getting it. plus, the price is the same as the normal driver's shoe by Tods!!
  3. Sorry can't be of more help, but my advice, as it would be to anyone on this board lusting after shoes, is


    It's completely worth paying retail for if it's a classic pair (and these are - can you get any more classic than Tod's loafers????) that you'll wear for years to come, and if it makes you feel like a mil!
  4. You know what... you are right. I have a pair of patent leather Gucci (they are very classic)... but these shoes will be over the roof!!!!!:yahoo:

    --excuse me, I need to find my credit card number:idea:
  5. Well, Congrats in advance!
  6. I like those a lot too, hope you get them!
  7. Thank you, and Thank you.

    I just saw something else I like...

    Someone please okay the buy for both!

    I just need one person to say they like the Paul Smith's. I already have one who says they like the Tod's.:rolleyes:
    Paul Smith.jpg
  8. I'll okay it! :tup:

    Two totally different shoes, that will go with completely different looks, completely different vibes. The Tod's are classic, laid-back with just a bit of pizazz. The PS's are all out funk.