Somebody have this one???

  2. I have this but the older style from 05?? that has the little belted buckle thing on the front. It's a good bag very very big!
  3. I had it from '05 and returned it.
    It was a large bag, I just bought a different bag instead.
  4. Well, I am happy to read it is a big bag! I need it just for put 2 diapers, 2 bottles, formula, cookies, toys... all things of my baby... I just use a wristlet, so it will be inside for sure!
  5. I have the large carryall from this summer in leather. I LOVE it and use it to carry diapers too. (I have an 11 month old.) It's wonderful.
  6. my boyfriends mom has it from 2 years ago and loves it!!!
  7. I am thinking of asking for the medium signature carryall for Christmas. Does that count?
  8. I have a small leather one (next to the hobo in the upper right corner of my signature) and want another bigger one. I LOVE it!!