Somebody has Epi in Vanilla?

  1. Does someone have something in Epi Vanilla? Do you like the color? Please, post some pictures if you can- I'm thinking about getting a used Alma in Epi Vanilla, but the pictures are not so good to see the color clearly...Thanks!!
  2. Hi, I'm Epi Vanilla Lover :love: but half of my Vanilla have sold. Ooh where you find Alma? :drool::drool: I have almost of Vanilla city bags but never had ALma:crybaby: I post pics of Epi Vanilla I ever had ( now I only have Vanilla Croisette, Ramatuelle & Elastique Wallet )
    LV Epi Vanilla Collections.jpg Vanilla Soufflot with Small Trousse.JPG Vanilla Speedy25.jpg
  3. Wow .... you have a BEAUTIFUL Epi Vanilla collection lvgodiva :love:
  4. I agree!

    I have a Vanilla Jasmin, the colour is similar to parlour french vanilla ice cream...kind of a pale yellow!
  5. This thread makes me crave vanilla ice:drool: Anyways, that epi color is tdf, so if you have a chance of getting something in it, go for it! :smile:
  6. any1 know if the vanilla epi are still available at the lv stores?? thx
  7. Thought it's discontinued since 2003 :shrugs: but on 2005, I bought my Vanilla Nocturne from Firenze LV Store. It's small city and you may could get Vanilla there :smile: Anyway, what Vanilla piece you're looking for?
  8. Thanks :flowers: I ever mad at Vanilla for a few years :blush:
  9. i wish i had the speedy in this color. its gorgeous, love yellow
  10. Beautiful colour!
  11. i have the epi vanilla (ramatuelle and rochelle waist bag) :yes:
  12. Thanks for your answers, now I do think that the color looks great, hope I get this bag that I want:smile:

  13. gorgeous Epi collection lvgodiva...i was actually watching all your Epi Vanilla on eBay :yes:
  14. Wow! -

    I love that better than the new Ivoire I saw last week!
  15. Thanks for your lovely comment :smile: