Somebody Cheer Me Up, Please?

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  1. Hi all. Some of you may know I had back surgery three weeks ago. Bagluv has ALL the details of what I've been through with this, going back to November 4th when a disc in my back herniated and pinched some nerves in my spine. When that happens, your back doesn't hurt: your leg (my right) goes into severe spasms, shooting pains and in my case, can actually contract to the point of curling up under my body. We nearly ended up in the ER on the 4th and DID end up in the ER on the 6th. Because it was so severe (the pain and spasms were 24/7 with only relief from my chiropractor), surgery wasn't optional and it was done on November 22.

    It went well enough and I get a bit stronger every day, but it seems at this point anyway that I've swapped one pain/discomfort for another. I still have numbness down the back of my right thigh, the outside of my right calf and most of my foot is numb. I can move it but I can't explain how weird it feels. I won't even mention the nasty things that six weeks of sleep deprivaton can do to you. I was in better shape after my daughter was born in that regard!

    I haven't driven since November 4 and after the surgery, you aren't allowed to driven until your three week post surgery follow-up (assuming your doc releases you to drive). I don't have a burning urge to go anywhere, but knowing I can't is getting to me.

    DH was with me until I was finally able to navigate the house safely. I don't mind him being at work. I'm not one that is bothered by being alone, besides I have my fur baby (in my avatar) to keep me company. But since I can't do the things I'd normally do around the house when I've got it to myself, it's getting depressing.

    Anyway, I'm feeling very frustrated today about all the residual numbness, and basically having my usual life, boring and all, taken away from me. I see the neurosurgeon tomorrow. I'm hoping for something optimistic from him about the numbness I'm still having, but I'm afraid I'm not going to hear anything positive.

    I still have at least 3-5 more WEEKS stuck in this routine unless he lets me drive and maybe sends me in for physical therapy. The only thing that's kept me from going mad is hanging around here (and spending too much money on some new bags and my new Prada wallet).

    Sorry for the long post, guys. I'm just having a pity party today and needed a few thousand cybershoulders to pout on. I've worn out both the poor DH's shoulders. :sad:
  2. Prada, we're all here for you! I know this must be extremely frustrating and I can't imagine how annoying the numbness must be!! I hope for the sake of sanity that you can begin physical therapy soon and get everything back to normal. Feel free to vent away!! I don't mind listening. *big hugs* and I really hope you feel better soon!
  3. Hi Prada...

    Sorry about your pain. I feel bad as I've been feeling horrible about myself as I'm "FAT"! However, my pain is mental and not physical. And it's self-induced.

    I know the feeling of real pain though, in the last year i've had a broken wrist and a sprained ankle. You indicate you are ready for AARP so I guess your older and it takes our "older" bodies and bones in them longer to heal. Add our stress to the mix and it's even longer. Then add this time of the year and the mountain is turning into a volcano.

    Try to maintain a positive attitude for yourself and your husband. I think you have hit a plateau and you just need to work through this time. I's hard because time drags and all you've been able to do is shop on-line. Of course we would enjoy seeing your treasures if your up to taking their pictures.

    However, DO NOT OVERDO it and reinjure yourself. Again, have patience and be hopeful the doctor gives you good news at your next appointment!!!
  4. Oh Dear...
    I hope that you recover soon :smile:
    Sorry you are going through this...but at least you will get better soon! :smile:
  5. I hope you get better soon!! You'll have us all to help you relieve the boredom during you recovery.
  6. I can understand how frustrating it all must be. Hope you get good news at the neurosurgeon's. Just try to be good to yourself until you're completely healed, and come visit us a lot here at the Purse Forum! Keep us updated on how you're doing.
  7. Prada dear, you're entitled to a pity party. You've been thru so much in the last several weeks. Pain is exhausting and depressing--It doesn't surprise me that you're feeling this way. I know what you mean about just knowing you "can't", gets you down. The uncertainty in the future weighs on us, too. You had major surgery and it's a big blow to the entire body. You know this, but recovery will take a long time. And the older we are, the longer it takes. I'm older than you and have had times like what you're going thru--"who took my relatively healthy body and gave me this piece of junk?"

    Come here and vent all you want. You're probably unable to get very comfortable in any position, but if possible play some soothing music, light a nice candle, etc.

    (((hugs))):heart: hoping you're feeling much better soon.
  8. Awww poor Prada!! Back pain is no fun!!

    I wish you a safe and SPEEDY (LOL no pun intended!!) recovery:smile:
  9. oh sweetie I'm so sorry you are going through all this. stay on the forum at least if you need some conversation. as far as getting cabin fever being trapped in your house, is it possible to maybe call a cab and just go to a park or something and people watch? Or maybe take a good book and get lost in it for a while there or at a coffee shop? Pamper yourself as much as you can - are you comfortable enough to go to a day spa and just get a parafin treatment on your hands or a nice facial? Anything to take your mind off the rest of your body KWIM?

  10. Thanks for the reminder, Boxermom!:cursing: (joking)

    Actually, I had to laugh when I read your post. You have NO idea how many times I've commented in the past few years that the body I knew and loved has been invaded by aliens, stolen and left behind someone else's body in its place!! I'll spare you and the others here all the OTHER ailments that have plagued me, but lets just say I'm not 25 any more. My body reminds me of that every day!

    bagnshoofetish: I love the idea of calling a cab for a ride around to my fave self-indulgence places. Unfortunately, let's just say I don't live in NYC, Chicago, LA, etc. and riding in a cab here isn't exactly safe.... Hopefully I'll be given the go on driving tomorrow at my appointment and I can get myself out and about. (fingers crossed)

    DamierLover: Thanks for the kind words. I'll tell you (in reference to your weight battle) what I try to tell myself: every day is a new day, so we always get a second chance to correct the things we didn't do to our liking yesterday. Another giggle: I've been wanting to knock off 10-15 pounds myself. Because of the severe spasms in my leg prior to the surgery, I'd have to get out of bed 2-4 times a night to try to walk them off. I joking called it "walking laps around the house". Well, I lost the 10 pounds from that but let's just say I wouldn't recommend it as a diet plan. :Push:

    Danica: The neurosurgeon said that he decides at the three week post-surgery appointment whether he feels physical therapy is needed, so I'll find out tomorrow afternoon. Heck if nothing else, it will get me out of the house.

    To everyone else that's posted, thank you so much for you well wishes. It really does cheer me up to come here and read what everyone has posted. On top of my situation, my father and sister have some serious health issues going on and my one other sister is basically being a JERK about something that doesn't matter, so it's a pretty horrible time in my family. :sad:
  11. Are we related?:confused1: I used those exact words 8 years ago before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I thought I was losing my mind because my body did not feel like it belonged to me! *hearing Twilight Zone music*

    Best wishes for an encouraging visit with the neurosurgeon. Holidays are hard enough without dealing with extra pain, restrictions, and family stuff.:heart:
  12. I'm so sorry about your pain. I have degenerative disc disease and I herniated a few discs (L5-S1) on top of it this summer (in July). Surgery isn't really an option for me because of the degenerative disc disease, unless the pain becomes so bad that I can't function. I have had to miss a ton of work and am now just working part-time. I can't explain the range of emotions I've gone through with this. I'm 38, and I can't do anything right now but prop my feet up! I'd give anything to have the old me back!

    I really hope things go well for you in your next dr visit. You'll most definitely be in my thoughts. When I was first diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at age 30, I stumbled upon an article called "With Enough Aspirin" on the internet. You can find it by doing a google search if you'd like to read it. Although it might make you cry. For some reason, the article comforts me.

    Best wishes in your recovery.
  13. So sorry PP. ~hugs~
  14. Prada...I can just see myself getting up and down during the night to exercise...LOL, that is part of my problem...when I sprained the ankle, I quit running cold. From regular full exercise to none now at all and it shows. Then the broken wrist and major feeling sorry for myself...going on two years of this crapola and time to snap out of it! Sending healing vibes your way!!!
  15. You sound like me, DamierLover! I used to be so strong and active. Not as much in the formal exercise department but I used to ice skate (for fun), hike in the mountains, heck when I was younger I even did construction work (on my own house, not for money). My DH has even said that one of the reasons he fell in love with me is I'm the only woman he's ever known that owned her own Skilsaw and knew how to use it! :lol:

    Then I got pregnant 20 years ago and the pregnancy ruined my back. I've never really been the same since. This mess that lead to the surgery is a first though. My back pain has always been low back and muscular, never anything like THIS! I've developed carpal tunnel, foot problems and arthritis here and there. It's really hard to accept not being so strong and physically independent as I used to be. What I'm dealing with now is the worse by far, but the downward spiral in my ability to do what I love is so impacted by it. I can't even play my violin b/c I can't sit/stand that long. In fact, my old back, feet and carpal tunnel problems have constantly interfered with playing my violin and playing in our local orchestra. Sigh.

    It's like my very soul has been stolen along with my body.... :crybaby: