some woman pushed her shopping cart at my birkin

Jan 13, 2007
Hong Kong
i'm so mad someone pushed her cart right at my bag and said excuse me and left
now the front have 2 places where the leather is raised i can push it back in one spot but the other ... i can see another color from under the prune its orange ...and my corner is scratched too
should i leave it or take it to spa ... i just got it about 2 weeks ago
Mar 22, 2008
Maybe you could take it into your local boutique if they have a craftsman on site, they might be able to do something for the scratches. If not I would recommend sending it back to Paris. I would be so mad too!!!! I feel for you!
Jan 13, 2007
Hong Kong
If I did it myself i have nothing to say ...
I just took a picture and enlarged it ... there are so many places it got hurt ...
the bottom I can live with I expected it to be like this or worst sooner or later but not the front
so sad~


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Jan 13, 2007
Hong Kong
yeah i think its torn too
its more about someone being rude and pushing me
at least its not an ostrich or a croc ... if someone damaged a croc can I sue hahah
now I really have to think about when to bring my ostrich out... its been home for almost 3 weeks and still no chance to go out yet
no more grocery shopping for them from now on
May 12, 2006
Principessa, is this clemence? I had something similar happen to mine (but completely of my own doing). I rubbed it with my finger and it disappeared. Maybe too simplistic and n/a but it worked on mine :flowers:


Stay Positivo!
Apr 17, 2006
so sorry this happened to your birkin it looks like a small tear on the leather.. i think its best to bring it to an hermes boutique