SOME WEAR?? Looks like a dog ate it!!

  1. :wtf: awww... poor poor bag...
  2. Yikes. What the hell happened to it?
  3. The fake got what it deserved :p
  4. oh wow! you are right about that!
  5. That bag is fake, what you are seeing is a fake fallin' apart.
  6. Whatev. Its a FAKE!

  7. sniped by valley!
  8. That's a fake! So it deserves to be mangled!:death:
  9. ya.. but it shouldn't have a BIN of 250.. and you CAN'T get the handles replaced if some poor sap bought it.. because LV won't replace handles on a fake bag!
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. ya, it's a fake! but even so.... I wonder what happened to it? lol it shouldn't be *that* easy to destroy the plastic handles.... plastic is pretty strong imo lol
  12. I've seen a fake with the handles in similar condition. At least nobody has bid on the thing yet.
  13. so werid, I really how many fakes are on eBay.
  14. Yuck! Good thing the listing has been removed!