Some Truly Loopy Designs: Fashion Week '07

  1. Maybe I'm too simple for fashion? But sometimes I feel there is a great distance between designers' vision of style and what an ordinary person would actually wear. Do you guys ever feel this way?

    For example, I don't know if this is just because Karl is a male designer, but no woman I know would ever go out in head-to-toe Chanel w/ a bare chest flopping in the wind...


    (Chanel Spring 2007 RTW)

    And Alexander McQueen has come up w/ some amazing stuff, but I guess I don't understand this concept... *thoughtful*


    (Alexander McQueen Spring 2007 RTW)
  2. I actually like the Alexander McQueen creation. I probably couldn't wear it though ... but would love to! I want to wear hats like that.... :nuts: That coat is gorgeous!