Some Tokidokis spotted at Filene's in NY

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  1. Hi,

    Tokidoki has become a recent obsession for me and I have learned a lot from reading all your posts here, so thanks everyone for all the great info and pics of your bags. Someone posted about the Tokidokis at Century 21 a couple of weeks ago and I went the Friday before Mother's Day and was able to pick up my first bag, an Inferno bambione for $70 with the coupon.

    Since I have read how popular the Foresta prints are, I thought I should share that I was very surprised yesterday when I went into Filene's Basement on 79th Street and Broadway and saw a bunch of Tokidokis sitting on the same shelf as some LeSportsacs. There were at least 3 Foresta Nuvolas for $119.99, 1 Braccialetto for $24, 1 bambino for $79.99, 2 Treninos for $198.99 and even one Trenino in Citta Rosa.

    I then went downtown and checked out the situation at Filene's on 18th Street and only saw LeSportsac bags, no Tokidokis. While I was at it, I walked over to 14th Street and Union Square and saw at least 3 Nuvolas and 3 Treninos, all in Foresta at the same prices listed above.

    So there you have it. For those in the NY area interested in these Foresta styles, there are actually some at Filene's!
  2. Oh wow, thanks for the info. What other prints did you remember seeing besides foresta and citta rosa?

    And where did you see the bags at Union square's Filenes?
  3. Do you have to actually visit the store to purchase something, or will they ship to you?
  4. those kinds of stores i think you have to go instore...
  5. I didn't see any prints other than Foresta and that one Citta Rosa Trenino at 79th St. There was also one Foresta Corriere at Union Square for $119.99 but the zipper on the bottom pouch was missing the tulip zipper pull.

    The Tokidokis at Union Square are on the first level of Filene's in the handbag section. They weren't on a shelf, but on side hooks near the handbag clearance display towards the back wall. But for stores like this, you should look around because people put the bags back in different places. At the 79th Street store, the handbag section is on the lower level and the Tokidokis were on an aisle display, upper shelf, near the hosiery section.

    I really don't think that these stores will do a telephone and ship order. The most I could see them doing is to look for the bag and put them on hold for you and I think the holds are only for one day.
  6. Oh, well. Too bad I don't have plans to go out there in the near future! :sad:
  7. darn it. I was at trader joe's an hour ago! I am really tempted to make a return trip.
  8. ooh - very tempting~
  9. i wish i lived in nyc!
  10. ugh I wish I had access to the forum while I'm out shopping. I was in Union Square today and totally walked right past Filene's (twice!) cuz I didn't think they'd have any toki. :crybaby: if I had known I could have picked up bags for people .. arghhh
  11. ...well you know, if you ever are out and see good deals...hehe. just kidding, if i lived in nyc i'd be living in my tokidoki bags, i'd be so broke.
  12. lol i really have to curb my toki-spending. I'm proud of myself for not buying anything toki today tho :biggrin:

    I was really close to buying a toki-tee but thankfully all they had were Men's Large and it was so huge it went down to my knees ... so no tee for mee lol
  13. Just to add: If anyone wants a denaro in the following prints: paradiso, pirata, adios star, l'amore ... you can go to the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. They had soooo many denaros that it's crazy. They're selling at full price tho and that's probably why they have so many of them. They also had 2 l'amore portas also selling at full price.
  14. ooo a trenino for that price :drool: too bad I have no more money really :sad:
  15. i'd love a trenino but i don't live there grr!