Some Tidbits from Claudia (including her sale of a SECOND Chanel bag while at NM)

  1. Girls! ok...not content to stay in Boca today hanging around Chanel bags at myusual haunts Saks and NM, so i trudged up I-95 which is like taking one's life in their hands, to check out the freestanding Chanel on Worth Avenue in Palm interesting but snobby experience, always. Here are a few facts that occurred:

    1. Major Paris-Biarritz displays, of all sizes and colors (black, gold, silver) GORGEOUS. Seemed to be THE bag at Chanel Palm Beach (yaaaaay Penny! your bag is hot!))

    2. Very little color in the bags inthe store, just black, tan, white, metallic, a couple of small perf flaps in lemon and green

    3.. ONE, just ONE, smokey blue wrinkled leather large Cotton Club tote...can you guess where it is now? choices: (a) still at the store, (b) shipped to Walmart because they're starting Chanel there (c) stolen (d) being registered for preschool (e) SOON to be in my closet (f) already in MY closet!!!

    4. I found out that the baby animal FLAP is 6.5 inches long.for $1595. Are they kidding us? I mean, that's a significant size for a purse if you're a hummingbird or something.
    Penny......................what are we gonna do? that's too small! :sad:

    5. ran back to Boca, to my shrine, Chanel at NM. Sabrina had called to say she got in the gorgeous classic flap denim quilted babydoll with gold h/w from spring '06, reduced, - are you all sitting down?! -from $1575 to $717. I go check it out,its fab, but i realize in a flash of rare rationality when it comes to purses, that i already have a denim Chanel and how many denims can one girl have? But there is a woman standing there, a conservative but classy older woman....i talk her into the bag so Sabrina doesnt lose the discount --- i say to her "its chic, feminine, trendy yet classic, it will be outstanding at dinner, it looks wonderful with your black on today, no one has this bag, its really you...and if you buy it, it will eliminate my thinking about it and you really must have this bag" She bought it and thanked me LOLOLOL

    see new thread for dvice on cotton club, please
  2. How can the Baby Animals flap be only 6 1/2 inches long? I've seen it on eBay today, it looks like 10 inches long.....are you sure???
  3. You bought the large Cotton Club tote in blue?! :nuts: I am anxiously awaiting mine! Is it TDF IRL?! Love all your choices. Walmart ---> :roflmfao:
  4. WOW! You got the cotton club! That smokey blue sounds like it is beatiful! I need to move...even at the Seattle trunk show they only showed drab colors black and grey. (OR was I just thinking of the weather) But can't wait to see pics of your new beauty!
    Also, next time you run into such a find like the classic flap denim...CALL ME! For $717??? I would have just given you what ever comission the SA's make for that tidbit.
  5. Lamb - i think you're right, i think the SA who told me that over the phone (from Chanel store in snobby Bal Harbour :p ) wanted it for herself and was trying to discourage me or something......that's a ridiculous size.....can't be way.....if it is, i will petition against the bag's existence. and Medina, if another deal like the denim comes up i promise to PM you!
    and Roey, the bag is GORGEOUS....TOTALLY TDF, the color..omgomg
    this bag will be very very very tough to knock off. The diagonal zipper has a little snap at the top of it so you can actually unsnap part of it, hard to explain, the bowler doesnt have this feature...oh, and you can definitely fit a cell phone in the zippered part and i have one of those large cells lol the brick red cloth interior goes beautifully with the blue, imo...............what a great bag. Let me know when you get yours! it also has a strip of leather with a hook attached to it inside it, so you can hook up your keys, coin purse, etc. so you can find them easily but the way the purse interior is laid out, it would be impossible to have to dig for stuff in it...
    i must post pics soon.......
  6. Oh, it sounds just lovely! You mentioned you are pics challenged but please try to get some up as we'd all love to drool over your new acquisitions! I'd be happy to assist as would many others here on the forum.
  7. have me falling out of bed laughing as I read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loves ya!Congrats on joining the cotton club tote club!!!!!WOOHOO!!!!!
    but wait till ya see what Im gettin tomorrow...heehee:graucho: :supacool: may need a soft chain ha ha ha ha
  8. ooh so excited for your new goodies!

    and the baby animals flap is the same size as the medium classic flap. ...still pricey, but not that small...unless you aren't like me and carry more than cellie, keys and cards. hehee
  9. ::huge sigh of relief: ohh thanks so much blushingbaby, i am so glad it is 10" thats an acceptable size......and am sure it fits alot 'cause cloth bags do stretch

    i mean, a bag this adorable to be so miniature is like having a stunning pair of jeans in your closet in a size 16 when you're a size 4......useless.....but so cute
  10. haha, you're funny..
  11. :roflmfao: You write the best threads!

    Where are the pictures of the blue Cotton Club tote?? We are all (speaking for everyone on tPF) dying to see it out here in internetland!!
  12. *ooo* One more victorious Cotton Club acquisition! :party:congratz!!
  13. Major Paris-Biarritz displays, of all sizes and colors (black, gold, silver) GORGEOUS. Seemed to be THE bag at Chanel Palm Beach (yaaaaay Penny! your bag is hot!))

    ------------------------------------:flowers: --------------------------------
    Thanks for that info Claudia!! Since I have no place to go to see any Chanel displays, its nice to get little pieces of what it is like to live in the "real" Chanel world not the "cyber" world. That and magazine pics and what my S/A sends me and his descriptions by phone. Sometimes very hard to know about buying a bag since I don't get to see it IRL or touch it.
    All of you who have access to see Chanel don't know how fortunate you are!!! Or maybe not, if you spend more that way--LOL
  14. Your story was very entertaining! Congrats on the cotton club! :nuts:
  15. wow the baby animals is small!