Some things just take the joy out of it!

  1. I have been searching eBay for a mandy for a great price. Well, I saw one ending tonight and bid and won. Yeah! It was a pretty good price, not great, but good and shipping was low. And it is coming from just a little over 200 miles away so I was thinking I would get it fast *hopefully*. Well I went to pay and dang it if I did not have to pay that dreaded sales tax! I did not even occur to me to check before bidding:push:. (In fact I do not think I have ever paid sales tax on eBay) Dh pointed out that I bought from an eBay store-darn dh. So my ok deal just got an added $29.00. I feel so stupid and feel like :crybaby:. If I would have looked I could have waited 30 mins and got one for the same price minus the taxes!. Oh, well at least at got my Mandy-now that darn seller better not take a week to ship or I will be :cursing: