Some thing soft and Green - quick reveal

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  1. I just got this gorgeous bag from Bal Vegas today and OMG i really love the Suede bags.:yahoo: I was missing the tassles and after seeing it on Chiara i had to have it (i wish i had her legs too, hehe).:P This color is amazing in person and the bag is so light compare to all my GH bags. Now i need pair of boots to go with it.:graucho:
    Here is ms. Suede Velo in Militare. Enjoy.:yahoo:
    p.s. Yes she is a keeper, before some of you ask me the question.:biggrin:


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  2. Ms. Chiara with her Militare Velo.
  3. congrats nanaz, love the suede bags, this color is so pretty with pewter hw, great choice!
    can't wait to see your mod pics.
  4. Gorgeous colour!
    Many congrats.
  5. Love the suede! I'm still trying to find a department store that has Seigle. Many congrats, it looks like a great fall/winter combo!
  6. love this! I am really loving the look of the suede - it looks gorgeous in this colour - congratulations!
  7. Realllllllllllllllllllly beautiful Nanaz! Enjoy!
  8. ooooh congrats! the suede is gorgeous! :nuts:
  9. Stunning! Looks so soft. :nuts: Congrats!
  10. congrats! its lovely!
  11. Thank you ladies.:smile: I will post modeling pics tomorrow morning.
  12. Wow, love it - it looks so soft
  13. Adore it. I've got to get to the store to at least *feel* it, kwim?
  14. Congratulations to you, Lucky Girl YOU :woohoo: She is super gorgeous! The velo is my new favourite Bal bag, I think. Right now, the only suede militaire I can see is the city but I'd go mental if the suede militaire velo was on the shelf at Holts! I love this colour, love what it looks like in suede and everything about your new velo :love:
  15. Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! Congrats! Eeek, I want one now...