Some thing new, some thing Blue for my trip - pics

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  1. I had forgotten how perfect RTT could be for traveling.:graucho: I found this awsome GGH Turq. RTT and it is absolutely gorgeous.:yahoo: You can fit tons of stuff in it, carry it on your shoulder or arm, and ahhhhh Turq. such a happy color for summer vacation. It is big but not so much bigger than the WE that i was originally thinking about. So, here she is. What do you all think?

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  2. Quick modeling pics.

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  3. I think it's beautiful, congrats!
  4. GORGEOUS! What a lovely burst of colour. And, you're right, it's not as big as the WE... but looks like it fits plenty. Looks great with your outfit - love the scarf too!
  5. Great pop of color! I love the blues they come out with! ENJOY!
  6. wow congrats Nanaz!! That is one stunning bag!! Yes it is perfect for summer vacations and normal outings!! Looks very "fresh" :nuts:
  7. Yes, I agree.
    Such a happy color for summer.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy it during your trip. Congrats, Nanaz!!
  8. omg I love it!!
    such a colorful pop-summer feelgood bag :heart:
    congrats Nanaz you wear her so well!

  9. just the perfect *something blue* ~ it's gorgeous Nanaz ~ you must be getting so excited girl! woooooo! :party:
  10. Congrats Nanaz! What a bright and happy color! Enjoy!
  11. i love that blue.. i'm so jealousss:amazed:
  12. It's gorgeous! I too am looking for a good carry-on bag for my next holiday and this is an excellent alternative to the weekender...Beautiful, enjoy! :smile:
  13. Turquoise looks fantastic on you!!! Go break that bag in!
  14. That's one gorgeous bag... Enjoy your trip!
  15. Such a gorgeous colour! Congrats and enjoy your trip :smile: