Some suggestions needed!


Feb 1, 2006
I know alot of you sell stuff on ebay and have great success! I sent 2 of my bags LV bags (Deauville, and Elippse) to a lady to sell for me on the poupette auctions. They are used...but not beat to hell and they have been on there over a month and not gotten above like $250. Do you all think I should ask her to move them to Ebay? I thought they would be snatched up as they are in pretty good conidtion. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks ladies!
I remember someone saying that LVs were not selling very well at this time of year, SuLi had some trouble selling her myrtle speedy as well. It may do better on eBay, since it does reach a larger audience, but it may not as well. Is there any way that you can hold off until summer ?