Some steals from the sale! (Ha! loser using alliteration)

  1. Well I went to the BIG Sydney sale, it was really great a lot of beautiful things on sale. I wanted the plume luggage set so badly but even at 50% off it was still out of my reach. :drool:I was so indecisive, i went to get maybe an agenda or some RTW, all the agenda were supper mini and the RTW humongous. The sneakers were cute (regret not buying the sandals now argh!) There were a few animal keyrings HEAPS of Herbags and canvas totes. I happened to find a belt to fit me (ironically after the issues I've had with belt sized at H lol) it was the Hapi bracelet style buckle, though it gold i almost bought it after calling a friend who convinced me not to get it since i own almost no gold jewelry and would be lucky to wear it 1-2 times a year, which is true thank god i had someone to ground me or i would have bought everything. lol. It was quite funny when people tried to steal my H belt (while i was trying the other one on) and a few people looked at my D&G watch when i tried on the bracelets Hello! this is an HERMES sale why would that stock D&G plus it wasn't even in new condition.:p

    Anyway, i don't know what these are called but they are really cute bracelets the Kelly style, long leather one was 50% reduced to $157 and the red funky one was 50% off reduced to $240. Now i wish i bought more but at least i don't that THAT much buyers remorse (i mean this is taking away form my diamond fund lol) then again the SA were saying it would be 10 years till the next big sale like this? well its over and done with now I love what i got!

    I have to say the service was compromised (even though there was barely anyone in there, more that one SA per customer/group shoppers) and i didn't get any orange boxes, or ribbon or a bag, awwww just an envelope, well at least it was orange. It really wasn't the H experience at all, i wouldn't even consider it a luxury product service, target has been better. Still at 50% off I'm happy with that comprimise lol, and it was a fun experience.
  2. NM, that's typical of a sale. They don't give you any boxes, tissue, ribbon, etc. But, great haul. I recognize the Hapi bracelet, but am not sure about the other one.
  3. I JUST occurred to me to look at the receipt for the names! DUH :shame:
    HG: it isn't the Happi (its the same thing though with the kelly clasp)
    the long (hapi-esque one) is called: Kelly Bracelet Ardillon
    the red one is: Quadrille simple in evercalf
  4. ^^^Ooooo, NM, thanks for that info. I've seen that waffled leather and wondered what it was. And I see upon closer inspection, it's got a different buckle than the Hapi.
  5. The Hapi is very similar but has a slim 'H' as a closure.
  6. Congratulations, NM. If only our SG sales have bags and accessories for sale. Nope. Sigh. But I remain hopeful still. It's on in a few days ....
  7. Good for you, NM! Nice haul. :tup:
  8. This was the first H sale I have ever been to. And to tell you the truth, the only decent reductions on designer items (that are decent) I have ever been to Versace comes second. But the SA said that it was due to the overstock they accumulated through all the countries stores over the years. (my bracelets were made in 2003 and 2004, and that the younger side of things) the belt i was looking at was made in 2000, not that it really matters but it proves they weren't lying. Anyway they said it will be 10 years before another large sale with leather goods occurs like this. It's usually RTW scarves, ties and a few canvas totes (which is why i didn't go for those items) however i wish i had bought the bookmarks they were super cheap too $70!!! i will never see that prices again, even in 10 years it will probably be $1000 lol :p
  9. i wonder if hermes melbourne is on sale as well?anyone knows?
  10. I love your goodies, congratulations!!
  11. NM, Nice Haul!!!!!!!!:tup:
  12. Thanks everyone for your kind words! and duncan, im not sure if they are moving the stock to each state or not but the sale isn't in the store, it's in a private hall. The VIP customers are told the location for themselves and to pass onto their friends. (I for one am surely not a VIP so i found out through a birdee)
  13. Thanks for sharing. I always love hearing about the sales. Great bracelets!
  14. NM, lucky you. Those are goregous!
  15. Fun! You got some great pieces - enjoy!