Some starter shots of my Marni balloon!!

  1. How I love this bag!!!!!!!!!It literally stops traffic. Will post some modelling photos as soon as I get my BF (or gramddaughter) to shoot them. It can be held by hand or messenger style. The color is dark burgundy with brown trim an the strap is sort of a gray/blue color - hope you can see the electric quality of the bag.
    Marnie right size.jpg Marnie 3.jpg Marnie balloon 2.jpg
  2. It's a very beautiful handbag.. Marni is one of my best designer! Good choice!:woohoo:
  3. Yeah, can't wait to see "action photos"....I've admired this bag and will vicariously live through you!
  4. oooo very very cute...i love the shape...congrats!
  5. congrats!!! i love marni's balloon bag
  6. that bag is absolutely beautiful. and i love love love the color! congrats on your new baby
  7. Nice! Where did you get it?

    A Marni Balloon bag is number one on my bag wish list.
  8. Marni makes some of the best clothes!
    That bag is to die for! I love the color it really pops!
  9. oooooo- I LOVE it! I have always lusted after the Marni balloon bag! I think you got the BEST color too! Congrats! :drool:
  10. Lovely!
  11. thanks for posting pics, SuzyZ! Your bag is so gorgeous! I really like the shape and simplicity of it! Looks like a fun bag :tup:
  12. I've had this bag for about a year in black, you're going to love it, I've gotten sooooo much use out of it this year. enjoy!!
  13. Oh WOW! Very cute!!! :smile:
  14. Gosh it's just sooo gorgeous! :drool: ITA with dcblam!
  15. The other day I saw a girl wearing this bag, on one shoulder by the long strap, and it looked SO much cooler than I would have imagined, and I always liked this bag to begin with. Really made me want one. Modelling pics would be great! Congrats on your bag!