Some Spring 2008 RTW

  1. From

    Hand painted extra large baguette

    Snakeskin baguette with circle embroidery

    Hand painted extra large baguette

    Embroidered baguette with metal paillettes and fringe detail

    Suede baguette with jewel detail

    Snakeskin baguette w/embroidery

    What do you think, ladies? Personal, none of them are really my style, but I find the colors and detailing on the 4th baguette very interesting.
  2. erm...
  3. mm.. well not really my style lol
  4. lol. Thanks for sharing! The pastel ones look like a nursery got sick all over a Fendi baguette. :p
  5. Hmmmmm...... in my opinion, and this is my opinion only, not wanting to offend, but each of those bags offended me. :throwup:
  6. Hmm..the third one has aesthetically pleasing colors but I could have painted that myself..

    Thanks for the interesting pics!
  7. Uhm....hmm.... not sure exactly what I can say.... except THANKS FOR THE PICS! I think that noise in the background is my bankaccount thanking you! LOL! :heart:
  8. Sometimes I think Fendi run out of ideas of what to put on their they end up putting everything. These are not for me, which I to am glad, spent enough money
  9. They are doing so much with the baguette b/c it is the 10th anniversary. At least that's what they said at work. Supposedly you can create your own with your own colors for like $5000.00. They give you like crayon colors and you design your own. I'm not a big fan of the baguette though.
  10. Umm...If I HAD to pick one, it would be the 4th one since I have some turquoise jewelry, but the others...not so much!
  11. LOL I think Fendi's fantastic in that they're so over the top, always pushing the lines. Many times, they miss. But when they do HIT, boy do they hit BIG.
  12. I Don't like these, but they are VERY "on" the next spring/summer trend! Just look at prada's.
  13. Interesting...
  14. Um, I'll have to pass on these.