Some seriously eye-popping Hermes listings on eBay

  1. :wtf::wtf::wtf: I kind of have a headache after looking at these listings, LOL, but they do have some really nice vintage Hermes things.

    I feel that I have to add that I am in NO way affiliated with or endorsing this seller; I just came across their listings this morning after doing a search, and thought they were so unusual that I'd share! It's a far cry from the usual clean, clear, crisp listings that inspire confidence in buyers of multi-thousand dollar bags. At least in my opinion. But it's still sort of cool. (Way too hipster for me personally, actually, but then again I've never been "hip" LOL).
  2. their stuff is kinda cool .. you're right .. hip .. thanks for sharing Cynthia!
  3. The listings are cool, the prices are a bit high though. I guess we should have to pay for the Andy Warhol vibe of the listing
  4. ^^ I have asked for help to move my reply. It is not meant for this thread.
  5. Yeah, I thought they were a little pricy too. I also find the text in the listings damn near impossible to read, which means I will not be bidding!
    Cool or not, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. It always amazes me when I see a store (in real life, usually) try so very hard to enforce their "image" that they don't realize it's actually detrimental to their business. Abercrombie & Fitch is one example--a lot of Moms won't set foot in that place if their lives depend on it, so the kids only get what they individually have the money for at any given time.

    MrsS, it was meant for the alligator thread, yes? No worries.
  6. I've considered some of their vintage Gucci items in the past...they do have a "unique" presentation. I found their vintage Gucci very overpriced as well.
  7. The Hermes green kelly *crocodile* is in fact alligator. I would not trust authenticity from this crew.
  8. Cool to peruse. Thanks for sharing.
  9. That's the bag that turned up in my earlier search, by the way, and I could tell the difference.

    I was all proud of myself. :p
  10. Thanks, Cynthia. There are so many YUMMY Hermes
    listings. :smile: But if they don't know the difference between
    croc and alligator--that would make me uneasy. But pretty
    to look at from a distance. ;)
  11. The photos hurt my eyes.
  12. Thanks Cynthia. Interesting viewing.