Some resume help please :)

  1. I am applying for a receptionist position at a hair salon. The duties include answerin phone, keeping salon clean, selling products, and making appointments. I haven't updated my resume in a while, so I can't remember all of the rules. I know I have to keep it to 1 page so I am not sure which job/education to omit. My resume leaves room for 2 educations and 2 jobs I think. Here is my history, will you please let me know which ones I am supposed to leave in?


    "my high school"
    Sept 2004-may 2008

    Davenport university (I did not finish/obtain a degree here)
    Jan 2008- december 2008

    Douglas j aveda institute of cosmetology
    March 2011- present


    March 2006-aug 2010

    Oct 2008-dec 2010

    Jos a bank clothiers
    Dec 2010-march 2010<<my sister told me you have to be somewhere a year to put it on your resume?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much :smile:
  2. What else is on your resume that would push it over one page? You could leave off the last job since you were there for such a short time, but you definitely do not have to be at a job for one year + to put it on your resume.
  3. Yeah, leave off the last job. I am on the occasional hiring committee, and a short, choppy job history, like what the last one portrays, is a big red flag.
  4. Thanks! Ill do that, Also I am having trouble making a 'career focus' I have an objective, do I have to have both?
  5. ok, after omitting the most recent job, it looks like there was a period of time (4 months) where I wasn't working at all, is that okay?
  6. nvm, I deleted the career objective and included all 3 educations instead. Thanks for the help! Im sending it now!
  7. Good luck! And as an aside...I think it is much easier to explain a short lull, rather than short-lived stint of employment.
  8. Thanks again :smile: I was kind of thinking about having her ask "what were you doing during this period of time?" and I can answer that I worked there for a short period of time before school and there wasn't room to include on my resume rather then "why did you work here for such a short amount of time?" (answer being I hated it! I obviously wouldn't put it that way tho. Lol)
  9. I would take off your HS info. If you've attended college, the person interviewing you knows you graduated from HS.

    I also don't agree with your sister, you do not need to be at a job for a year to put it on your resume.

    If you'd like to PM me, I can send you my email address if you'd like me to help you with your resume further. I've looked at many people's resumes here on tPF. It's a free service! ;)
  10. I think for someone the OP's age and the type of employers she will be interviewing with, completion of high school is really relevant. Having a college education or coursework completed is not indicative of graduating from high school. Successful completion of the GED can earn one a state's dept of ed "diploma" and that would be sufficient for some schools, but not all. For a lot of employers looking for younger/youngish employees, a lack of a high school dimploma could be the kiss of death and shows lacks of motivation.
  11. gsmom, interesting about your HS comment. I never would have thought that you could attend college without graduating HS.

  12. I know. I would never know it if not for working on a college campus. There are all kinds of diplomas, special and otherwise, out there now that are accredited and college admission worthy. Probably not Top 10 worthy, but, would work for a lot of schools. Not to say that this is the OP's case at all...but I wonder if employers looking at applicants her age consider it.