Some reeeaaally fugly granny shoes....$3.99 + 20% off!

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  1. Thanks. Most of them are ugly, but I got these in Red and Blue for my Mom...

  2. Love the leopard print ones :P
  3. They may not be too cute..but what a good deal!!!
  4. op, made me look with fugly

    and they would be great for some grandmother type that likes/needs shoes like them
  5. I wish I could give some to my Grandma :sad:
  6. Hey this one's cute.....

    Just kidding...
  7. I really like all of them. Ordered one pair of each. Going to mix and match them, maybe wear one leopard shoe and one blue shoe....:graucho:
  8. They are actually not too bad! A year ago I bought shoes similar to this one and decorated them with some fancy stones and people at mom's work assumed they came from NM or Saks! They wanted to buy them.
  9. Those are actually cute for Mom!
  10. what the f is that foot contraption?

    btw - tempted to get a pair of those shoes for my grandma!
  11. I think it helps them put on their stockings.

  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. valentine's day is coming up...:graucho:
  14. definitely not as fug as I was expecting, but not my style. The deal is stellar, though!